Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Arsonist...He's Dead Now...

*note: rewrite of The Tragedy of the Arsonist

There was nothing complicated about it
Just a box of matches
Few gallons of gasoline
It was so simple
Surely even he could do it

[Watch it burn!]
[Watch me burn!]

Something sadistic about his smile
Something nervous in his hand
(What's this? Regret?)

[Burn it away!]
[Burn everything!]

(Embers, embers)
Light memories on fire
(Ashes, ashes)
Pain erase pain

Taking pride in the flames
Finding joy in the flames
A sick smile before he burned away

Ironic the sky lamented his sorrow
Shed tears he never could
Yellow suits in red trucks came
And washed away the remains
Lights still flashing
"There's no one inside the building"

She stands alone
No one will move her
Eyes glazed over
Ashes remain

He stole her heart

(The flames took his)

Haunting memories
Twisted him; became
What he never wanted

She wanted to help
She tried to help
She wanted to help

[Burn it away!]
[Burn me away!]
[Burn everything!]
(To ashes)
The blaze dies

Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Over This

I saw you everyday
It's gonna be weird when your not there
I'll probably forget you died
For a couple of days at the very least
I could sound insensitive right now
But it's true
It'll probably slip my mind
Because you were there each and every day
And I could say that I'll never forget you
But that would be a lie
Yeah, I'm gonna miss you
And I hope you find peace soon
But I'll move on from this
I have too
But before I go
One last thing
The very last thing
I never got to say
"Rest in peace man.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life's Too Sudden

Life is too cruel
People cry everyday
People die everyday
But why
Oh why
Did it have to be you?
I can't take this!
I just saw you yesterday
You were fine
You were smiling
You were breathing
I wish I knew what happened
I wish I knew it wasn't your fault
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
Go to where you are
Hold you back from your grave
I wish I could save you
But I can't
Your already dead
I never believed in an afterlife
But I never said it wasn't there
And if your up there
If you can hear me
I really hope your happy man
Hope you found peace
Hope you found something
But fuck man
I can't get over this
I feel like I don't want to be close to anyone anymore
I don't wanna see them cry
I don't wanna see them die
If this is life then maybe I don't want to live

(just for fun)

Do you know how to spell?
Can you spell the color grey?
Do you spell it with an 'e'?
Do you spell it with an 'a'?
I've been asking all around
But all around they sound the same
Can you spell
The color

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The heroes
They're dead now
These morals
That we held
Are just dust
In the ground

Six feet under
Our breath we
Feel lost but
Move on
Unsure of

But so sure of this moment
It makes me sick

I reach my arms
As far as they can
Trying to hold on
To what's lost
But it's never better there
Where we came from
We've moved on
Now we got these problems
Nothing left but to solve them

Our pride never
Saved us our
Lies never
Gave us what
We really
Wanted all
The lipstick
And plastic
Pretty worthless
Never lasted
We're searching
For happy
-Ness or
Something like it

If ignorance is bliss
Let's all be ignorant

We've come pretty far now
Dug our hole pretty deep now
The sky's growing farther away
The night eases off to day
Are we moving forwards
Or in reverse?

All the books we never read
Had no chance of saving dead
It was us who took us down
The fall is ours and no one else
Who's left to blame besides ourselves?
There's no one left: we are dead now!

It was my fault

It was yours too


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming