Sunday, November 30, 2008

Forgive a Failure, Friend

We hung out all day
Had fun all night
Thinking everything
Would be alright
(That's never enough)
I never told you anything
Never shared a secret
Never trusted you
(That way)

But as we stand here today
About to go our separate ways
(I'm dying to say)

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

(I never defended you)

We'll lie to ourselves
And promise
Keep in touch
(But never will!)

And someday
You'll forget
And I'll do the same
We'll drift apart
(Further away)

And maybe you
Will see my name
In the
And remember
What we
Used to play
But I'll be
Just a thought
(Not all you've got)

I'll be dying (inside)
So slowly
(Regret) regret
(Go away)

Go away

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I never defended you
I never defended you
I'm a failure
(As a friend I failed you)
Is the
(I'm sorry to death)

There were days
When they stabbed you in the back
And you weren't there
I never stopped them
I joined them

I hated you
I hate me more

(And everyday
I wish)
I could

Turn back the time
And stop myself

But no such thing
As a time machine
(Regret go away!)

I never defended you
Never defended you

Maybe one day
So very far away
I'll have the courage
To come to your door

And spill my guts out
For you to see
A secret (a secret)
Tell you

(I never defended you)

And you'll
Hate me for a day
Hate me for a year
Hate me until
You feel

Go ahead
Do the same to me
I don't care
Let's call it even

Hate me
You feel better
I don't care
I'll feel better when
This is over

Hate me for a day
Hate me for a year
Until you feel

I'm dying to say
I'm sorry
(I'm sorry)
I'm dying to turn

I never defended you
(I'm a)
I never defended you
(I'm a)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enter Free Fall

What led you
To this

You don't wait for sirens

You bleed by
Your hands

He'll fall
From the heavens
Or twenty stories up
Close enough
He'll take it
And drop

His heart is racing
Pumping adrenaline
Through his veins
He won't feel a thing

But before he lands
Face first
On cement
He can't breathe

Goodbye cruel world
Goodbye cruel world

But the cell phone in his pocket
He doesn't hear it
He can't hear it
He's dead
One missed call
One new voicemail
"Please don't die.
Please don't die."
She cries
She's crying
And it won't stop there

They gather around
A mangled mess of flesh
And bone
They don't care

He made front page
Top story
Without a name
Just an age
A gender
A race
They don't care
We don't care

But he's dead
And she'll suffer for it

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been waiting
For so long
This moment
My moment
Please, let it be worth it
I can't be

I'm not the same
After all these years

I'm better now
I think
I'm better now
I feel

All the ink I've bled
All the pain I've shed
Been adding interest

The future is fading
In my dreams
I'm chasing
Been chasing
For so long
Haven't caught it yet
But my moment
Right now
Let it be worth it

It better be...

Awake and Afraid

Stay awake
Stay awake

Beware my child
The end is coming soon

Be afraid
Be afraid

Nothing is ever
What it seems to be

Stay awake
Be afraid

Be wary of the lies
They will sell to you

Be afraid
Stay awake

(Keep your eyes vigil)
So that you can see

(When the time comes)
What we are
This skin that keeps us
(Hidden so well)
From the world
[We never wanted]

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So bottle me up
Keep myself inside
Far away from the world

Am I saving you?
Or am I
Saving myself?
From the darkness
Those demons that never cease
To scream my innermost
Murder intent
The things so terrible
So terrible there's no words
To describe them
Blood is only the beginning

Am I running from you?
Or am I
Running from myself?
Breaking mirrors because of
That smile they flash me
One sadistic and unnatural
One never meant for this world
I surround myself in light
But it just fades away
The shadows overcome
The shadows creep closer
Closer to me
Close enough
Too close...

Can I trust you?
Can I trust myself?
Can I trust you?
Can I trust myself?
Can I trust you?
Can I trust myself?
Can I trust you?
Can I trust you?

Keep these chains locked tight
Swallow the key
Bury me six feet below
Cover me up
With pretty words

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Force of Habit

Heavy breathing
Frozen rain
Broken sidewalks
Light my way
To somewhere
Far away
(From here)

And it's just like me to
It's just like me to
(Run away)
[So far away]
The distance exceeds
[Your innersight]

Sever me from
The ties
These machines bind
Sever me from
The ties
These machines [bind me by]

I wanted to breathe
But not like this
Not like this

Count on it (Bet on it)
I ran then
I'll run now
Don't believe in me
Don't believe in me
I'll let you [down
So far below
The surface
Darkness awaits]

[So far below
The surface

(Come get me)

(Come get me)

Come get me
Come get me
Let me hide


Sunday, November 2, 2008



The pain
(I feel)
[It cuts me inside
Tears me to pieces]
(Puts me together)
To do it all again

(The lies)
We buy
(The lies)
We swallow
(Just) [another trend
Your face will
Fade away
Soon enough]

(The shadows)
They call to me
(Hold me close)
Keep me safe
[Fight fear with a darkness]
(I am)
[Just a shadow
Just a shadow to you]

The mirror
(It haunts me)
[Break it to pieces]
Years of bad luck?
(Just ordinary)


[Can you hear it?
Can you hear me

[Can you hear it
Can you hear me

[To pieces]
To pieces!

Washed away
Down the drain


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming