Monday, June 30, 2008

You Don't Want to Know/Be Me

You don't want to know me
You don't want to be me
Someone going through the motions
Someone just living in a moment
Dreaming of something better
A nightmare of something worse
You don't want to know me
A poet at a loss for words
These pages filled with words
The ink bleeds through
And they all rip
Torn by the slightest touch
I could put them back together
But what's the point
The wind only blows them to pieces again
You don't want to be me
A writer with nowhere to go
Nothing worth writing
You don't want to be me
Someone who knows
He's going to die someday
Someone who sees darkness
In his death
Someone who's dreamed
His own funeral
Buried alive
You don't want to see me
Dead eyes staring
Back at you
Can you see your reflection?
Do you hate your reflection?
I hate mine
Broke a mirror
How many years left?
I swear my heart was glass
Broken to pieces
Shards in my chest
You can't fix it
Not without bleeding hands
Even then it's impossible
The pieces are too small
She crushed them to dust
And swept them away
There's nothing there
Just an empty space
A void
You don't want to know me
You don't want to be me

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prevent Your Murder-Suicide

You took the knife
Bleeding blade of lies
It was so cold
To the touch
They were so cold
It was cold outside

And it kills me inside
When you say "I want to die"
And it kills me inside
When you want to die

Take life
One breath at a time
Breath by breath
You're still breathing
Just keep breathing
Your heart's still beating
Beating with life

For every up
There's a down
For every down
There's an up
Just hold on
For the up
It's coming soon
Just hold on
A little longer
Just a little longer

I don't want to see you cry
I don't want to see you bleed
I don't want to see you die
I don't want to see you die
You'd be killing me
Killing me

Killing me

Just hold on
A little longer

Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Is Silent

There's no rush

There's no need

No one's

Slow down or just
Fade away

They're gone
You're done

There's no rush

There's no need

No one's

I can only hope
(That it gets better)
I can only dream
(That it gets better)
I can only wish
(Upon a star)

I can only hope
(That it gets better)
I can only dream
(That it gets better)
I can only wish
(Upon a star)


Is anybody out there?


Is anyone out there?


'Cause all
I hear
Is silence


'Cause all
I hear
Is silent


Friday, June 27, 2008


So come on!

Let's all just sing along
Sing an anthem
To die for!

Shed some blood!
Shed some blood!
Shed some blood tonight

Hold nothing back!
Hold nothing back!
Throw away your fears

And this is
What you've been waiting for
Waiting all your life for
Something worth dying for
Something to die for
Something to die for

March on!
March on!

No mercy!
No mercy!
No mercy for them
No mercy!
No mercy!
Frozen hearts




An anthem
To die for...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Day (Maybe)

I want a world that doesn't bleed
I want a voice that doesn't have to scream

Can you hear it?
Do you get the feeling?

I never asked for these scars
Never wanted these nightmares for memories

Who wants to wake up falling?
Who wants to dream of nothing?

I can't take it
Stop staring
Stop judging
Just stop breathing

I'm no different
I"m far from normal
I'm not different
I'm so far away

Do you feel it?
Coming on
And on
And on
And on
And on

Trampled under
A face you'll never know
Am I running from myself?

Running in circles
Circles again
A pair of eyes to see

Can you feel the anxiety?

I don't wanna go
I want to go
I don't wanna go
I want to go

Sometimes I wish
For them to just
Take me away

Sometimes I wish
For the new day
To come

I don't know anymore...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


There is no Inspiration here
She left a while ago
Just gathered her wings
And flew away
I lost her in the sun
My eyes hurt
My words feel dry
I think she stole some of my ink
At least my heart doesn't ache
The wound
Is a scar
But I don't think it will fade
I've been sleeping on my story
And wondering where to turn it next
I got music blasting
Division Street
Pretty good
Amazing I can't find her in it

Friday, June 20, 2008


We say anything we want
Whatever comes to mind
You can speak
Until your voice is gone
Until your lungs collapse
But reality is crushing
You can all you want
But words only do so much
Dreams only get you so far
The fact is
She's halfway
Across the world
And I can't do shit
To help her
I can't be there
To hold her hand
I can't be there
To hear every breath
To cherish every breath
All I can do
Is write
And speak
Scream until my lungs fail me
All I can do is hope
For the best
It's helpless...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'll admit it
I'm addicted to writing
I can't seem to put this pen down
It's running out of ink
Going dry
I think I'm running out of paper
Down to my last sheet actually
But my mind won't stop racing
Word by word
Sentences form
Inspiration born
I'm determined to finish this
I don't want it to die
I want to finish this
Drawing from inspiration
I'll leave it all on paper

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

possibilities never had

Outside of closed windows
As I try to scream for her
I'm scared to death

Every single word
She spoke to me
I have written
The pages of my heart
My heart

The possibilities are endless
What could have been
Will never be
Simply because
I said so

Hate Isn't a Strong Enough Word

You buried my passion
I buried your body
You ripped out my heart
I tore out your lungs
I drilled
This letter
You wrote me
To the head
Of your tombstone
I shoved these thorns
With roses
Down the throat
Of your grave


No one can save you now
No one will save you now
I'll make sure of it
You won't breathe again
I won't let you breathe again

You broke my heart
I broke your neck
You cried a lie
I made you bleed true
I would have
Buried you alive
So you could suffer
Turns out you don't last long
Without your lungs
Without your lies

Hate doesn't begin to describe
My knife will drop again
Your blood will bleed again
Hate doesn't even begin
To describe it

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not Sure N E More

I slip away
When I hold your hand
I've learned the pain
Of holding on

Too long

Too far

Why don't you

Tell me everything
I need
To know
Give me a guide
To a life
That no one
Will ever know
Throw me a lifeline
So I can
Pull myself ashore
I'm not sure
I'm not sure anymore

Holding on
(Too long)
I slip away
(Too far)
There's nothing left
(I'm gone)
I've had enough

I don't know what to say
(To you)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Price to Pay to Play

What's the price
To play the game?
Take my heart
My soul
My voice
Take my mouth
My eyes
My ears
Have I paid
The price to play?
It's all we want
To win this game
But everything
Still feels the same
We've lost our turns
And now we wait
For the game
To end its way
Where will we be?
What will we do?
Who will speak?
Is this
The price to play?
Take all of me
My humanity
Dress me in plastic
And hand me
A set of lies
To abide
Another scapegoat
To feast upon
I can finally play
Play this sick and twisted game
Don't you want to play with me?
Don't you want to play the game?
Do you know the price to pay?
What's the price to play the game?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Naturally Imperfect

Maybe it is my nature
To scream
Maybe it is my nature
To bleed
Maybe I'm something other than perfection
Something that scares you to death
You see my flaws as daggers at your throat
And I'm not bothered a bit
By that idea
A tower I see you
Before me
I find my hand on the cornerstone
And watch you crumble
You thought you held the sky
But don't you see?
The sky looks down on you
Maybe it's life
That has got a chokehold on you
Putting you on the verge of living
In a reality
But no
You insist on dying
Insist on the grave
Anything but an apartment
Anything but a life
Maybe it's perfection that's weak
It's relient on flaws
To make IT perfect

Tired Line

I am


Of the lies
Bruised and bloodied
Eyes to see

I am


Of this life
Too many broken
Hearts to breathe

(Breathe again)

Make these scars
Made of ink

Have your arms
Bury my
Heart again

(Don't) Flatline

Leave me gasping
So I can breathe

Have me silent
So I can speak

Raise me up
A fool
For all to see

Sunday, June 8, 2008

All I Want Is Fire

I got a box of matches
Under my teeth
Waiting for this to blow
Waiting for us to blow
We're all gonna blow

I can't wait
To set me on fire
Burn this pain away
I can't wait to burn away
My sight
So I can't see the lies
Can't see the lies anymore
Can't wait to see the true
True beauty

So come on
Give me a blaze to revel in
Blinded eyes
Bury me burning
Bury me smoldering
To ashes
Again and again
Turn the shovel over

There's nothing more I want
Nothing else to ask for

Strike the match
Start the fire
Self-inflicted blinded eyes
To see true beauty
Not see the lies anymore
Bury me burning
Turn the shovel over

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I wonder if this is all worth it
Writing to complete strangers
Maybe it's just an incontrolable
Compulsion to write
I really can't help it
Sure I could write on paper
But that eventually withers away
I don't want these words to fade
But then again
I don't want them collecting dust
If you ask for my self-portrait
I'll paint it in ink
With these words
Words that will last until I say so
Word that will last
I think it's worth it

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Suicidal Symphony

I'm waiting for disaster
Forget it
Take me to the slaughter
I want to fall
Give me the darkness
Because I can't stand the light

Play me a suicidal symphony
Make music with a razorblade
Sing me a suicidal memory
Make some scars bleed

They don't know darkness
They won't know darkness
They can't know darkness

Give me some
Screaming demons
Drown out the sirens
The useless talk
You're wasting my time
You're wasting my life
Ever bleed in a shadow?

Play me a suicidal symphony
Make some music with a razorblade
Sing me a suicidal memory
Make some scars bleed
Make me bleed with a symphony


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming