Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enter Free Fall

What led you
To this

You don't wait for sirens

You bleed by
Your hands

He'll fall
From the heavens
Or twenty stories up
Close enough
He'll take it
And drop

His heart is racing
Pumping adrenaline
Through his veins
He won't feel a thing

But before he lands
Face first
On cement
He can't breathe

Goodbye cruel world
Goodbye cruel world

But the cell phone in his pocket
He doesn't hear it
He can't hear it
He's dead
One missed call
One new voicemail
"Please don't die.
Please don't die."
She cries
She's crying
And it won't stop there

They gather around
A mangled mess of flesh
And bone
They don't care

He made front page
Top story
Without a name
Just an age
A gender
A race
They don't care
We don't care

But he's dead
And she'll suffer for it

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