Friday, October 31, 2008


So dive right in
(Head first) thousand feet below
(The surface)
Move to the motion (of the waves)

They want a face
(Give them a smile)
So fake that it hurts
[Put it on
Smear it
Take it off]

Dive right in
(A thousand feet below)
The surface

[Lock it away]
Your heart
(The hurt)
Dull the pain
Dull the edges
Of those words
(So empty)
[You're bleeding]

(Head underwater)
Move to the motion
Of the waves

But you're so much deeper
[Deeper than this]
Shallow waters
[Leave them]
Shallow waters
[Leave them]
Take a risk
(Drown in yourself)

[So dive right in]
(Head first) thousand feet below
(The surface)
[Swim against the current]
At your own pace

Just go deeper than that
(Go deeper than this)
You're deeper than this
(So much deeper than this)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let Go

I'm not who you want me to be
And I never will be
Go away
I'm letting go
Because I'm tired of this

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To See

Want to see
For myself
(You just said)
That I had to learn
(Had to listen)
To your words
(Unfounded though) they were
[Spitting your lies]

Take me
Somewhere (far away)
Where your
[Can't reach]
(And) I
[Only want]
To see
[For myself]
Is that
(So hard
To) understand?

Your words
(Never made)
Any sense
(I hear)

Are we
[So far]
[That we]
Can't un-
(Each other?)

Hate you
I hate
I hate you
Swallow] (your) lies

(Do you believe
That you are the
Only one to
Ever breathe?)
Well I've got
News for you
[Wake up

Take me
Somewhere (far away)
Where your
[Can't reach]
(And) I
[Only want]
To see
[For myself]
Is that
(So hard
To) understand?
[Is it?]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You will never
How I felt
[Locked up
In this cage]
(I'd like to think for myself)
[I'm not your slave
Let me be]

My future
Is mine to hold
[Mine alone]
The tables
Have turned (on you)
[Do you see now?]
The problems
Left unsolved
[The pain you dealt]
(Scars will never fade)

I'm not your toy
Not your (experimental) [game]
This is life is (mine)
[Mine alone]
I'm not your slave
Leave me be

Why should
[I save
(You've only) given me
I want to
(Bury them in this place)
Where nothing

My future
Is mine to hold
[Mine alone]
(You will never)
[The pain I felt]
Locked up inside this cage
[I'd like to]
Think for myself
(You will)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It's funny how
I'd love to be selfish
Just for an instant
Almost funny
To tears

It's so laughable
How I
To scream
At the top
Of my lungs]
(And yet no one
Would) listen
To my screams
[Into sirens]

Writing the lyrics
To a song
You'll never (hear)
[I won't
Sing a
No you will never
You will never

I'd love to
Tell the tale
Of this (sorrow)
Wallow in despair
[Wallow in pity]

It's absolutely
So humorous
How I long to be
(What I'll never be)
How do you do it?

Writing the lyrics
To a song
You'll never (hear)
[I won't
Sing a
No you will never
You will never

The nights were never
So comforting
(Subtle frost)
Chills my skin
(To crawl)
I lay uneasy
Mouthing words
With no melody
[No melody]

[I won't sing a word]
Lyrics to song
(You will) never hear
(No melody)
I still
Waste paper
On (just a dream)
[Of mine]

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wait for Winter

I love the cold
The winter
Autumn a little
But mostly the cold

The frigid
The frost
The numbness of it all

I can freeze myself
Freeze these tears in ice
Freeze my heart solid
Keep it together
Keep myself together

Watch each breath
Escape my lips
My skin can crawl
Scared a little
Scarred a little

My body goes numb
And I can't feel
What I never wanted to

But then the summer comes
The sun

I lay ruined
My beloved
Frozen walls
Ice turned to water
Slipping away
My heart beats again
I can't see my breath
Tears blend with water

I wait for the sun to fall
Wait for the night
To bring back winter's chill
Sate my desire for frost
I wait
For winter

It's In The Paper

Do we know what truth is?
Can we see the light?

All I see is darkness
Lies for our headlines
The rumor mill is spinning
The wounds, they just keep spilling
Blood for their ink

Digging deeper into wounds
Scars never fade
They defile your past
And bury your future
All for someone to read
Make some profit off of your pain


Anyone want to trade lives?
Maybe some tragedy for a broken heart?
My "ordinary" for your difference
I'll trade you my scars
Or how about some regrets?
I see you have pain to offer
Got any spare memories?
I got some shattered hopes
And impossible dreams
Which one would you like?
I'll trade you my bliss for your ignorance
Here I don't want her memory
I'll throw that in for free
Will you come back for more?


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming