Monday, March 16, 2009

I'll Save Myself

[I don't
Want to be saved]
If it means
Giving up
On me
[I'll find a way through this]
[Find a way
Find my way]
My own

(I don't
Want this)
Your shining hand
Offered to my stoic face
[I'll shove it away
Turn you away]

Call me stubborn
Call me [crazy]
Call me anything you want
[To hear]

I'm determined
Determined to find a way
(I can call my own)
Find a way
[I tried]

That's yours
[Not mine]

Salvation never
Sounded so empty
(I don't want your)

[Fragile words]
They cut
So deep
Blood flow forth
(Drain me)

How can I believe
What you force
[On me?]

Can't take (this)

Can't take (this)
No more
[No more]

My path
From dancing (angelic)
White feathers
My path
From the shadows
(That fall from the sky)
My path
Walks alone
Tries to learn
(Tries to know)

Still searching
For the reasons

I want to know



How can I believe?

I want to know



What you force on me?

I'll save myself

[I'll find it
Find it on my own]

I'll save myself


I'll save my

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tell it

All the kids
In my life
Had their own voice
And weren't afraid
To say what was on their mind
In fact we'd shout from all the high places
"Standing on the rooftops
Everybody scream your heart out!"
Yeah, we'd shout until the night faded to day
And we'd say
"We are We are
The youth of the nation"

Each and every one of us
Is different
Unique and special
We're individuals
Capable of anything
We set our minds to
From the grand master schemes
To the little things like
"I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars
No handlebars"

We're out to disprove their fact
That "In the end
It doesn't even matter"
And while we fight
We struggle
"We give it all"
But still...

We need some support
Someone to lean on
If it all falls down
"Promise me you will be there
Until the red light will change"
At least
At the very least
The bare minimum
But can you even give me that?
Or will you hold out
Wait to see the fallout
But by then
I'm out of air
Or would you care?

Yeah, we're imperfect,
But don't you dare say we're worthless
Cause I know for a fact
When these lives collide
A new idea comes to life
And breathe tomorrow
Another day
To say
How much we appreciate
The little things
No one else can see
But we
We know better
Cause we're there

"I'm not okay"
And that's fine because
This life isn't perfect by design

Monday, March 2, 2009


Wear my heart on my sleeve
But you're telling me
To take it off
Tear if off
Rip it out
And I keep trying, trying so hard
But it's stuck, stapled to my arm
But you bleed
You fight
You try
To stay on top of the game
Stay cool
Be cool
But it's never one in the same
Because it keeps changing up, day to day
Almost about as often and fast as the time
That blows by you, the past
Every single of day your lifetime
And when you're there
It's never permanent
Because it's impossible
You can't keep up
You won't last

Give me the world with no logos
No tags
No groups no clicks no demographics
Just give me the masses
People who want to learn to love to live

I'm telling you
Take the kids out of factories
Let 'em know what fresh air is

I don't need you
Or anybody else telling me
What to wear
How to act
Or who to be
You don't even know me
Not the first thing
That anyone with eyes can see
I'm me
Just me
No one else in the world exactly like me
But damn
We can get pretty close
But not exactly the same thing
We got our own names

We're different
And it doesn't take much
To know this,
But you persist
And insist
That you can dictate the trend
When people don't give in (so easily)

And I told you
Before any of this mess ever started
That you should just roll with it
This is no physics
The outcome can't be predicted

We're alive
We keep changing
The passing of time
The only thing the same
Until we change even that
Oh, wouldn't that be the day?

We got faces
Let's see 'em
There's no need to hide
Our identity isn't our clothes or cash or cars
But who we know we are on the inside
And it's sad to see
That some people can't even tell
The difference between you and me
They group us up
And say "they're all the same"
But really,
Who's the one to blame

I'm tired of everyone's ignorance
There's things we'll never understand
But that doesn't mean we don't need to explain
If we just tell each other what we really need
Then there'd be no reason to feign innocence

That's the beauty of being human
We learn to live and grow
But it'll never happen if you don't try
Because some people just wait to die
And I hope you aren't one
There's a crowd to join and follow
But I'm more interested in tomorrow

Tell it to the market analysts
Treating us teens like sheep
Herding us together to sell us "hot"
And in a few days it'll be "not"
It's not like they care about you
Don't give me that look you know it's true
The money is all they want
But I'm getting out
Because I can't stand the noise

Give me the world with no logos no tags no fads no trends no fashion even
Because all I really care about is who I am as a person
I don't need you telling me who I am
Or what I want, or what I need
I'll be who I choose to be
Because you don't know the anything about me
I'll even give you a hint
I like to breathe

"Your soul is alive but they want it from ransom."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Hurts

I know now you never felt that way
About me
But do you know what it's like?
Loving with no return
Foolish feelings don't seem to fade
What was I to you?
Just a friend?
It hurts
Right now,
I can't let go
There's a thing we humans have
It's called hope
It's what pulls us through
The brink of despair
It's why we live
We hope for a better tomorrow
And that's keeping you here
In my heart
It's been broken
Torn up
Shred to pieces even
But hope pulls it back together
And you're still here
Nothing makes sense right now
And I'd make a fool of myself
For you
This feeling
Won't fade


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming