Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Close or Far?

Do we keep closest
The farthest
And keep farthest
The closest?

no tittle

The hours wane
And the light dwindles
I lay my eyes upon the sky
To see the moon rise
Is it too early for its light?
But the stars bleed
The darkest shade of blood
You've ever seen
Out on the street
Tires screech
As a sudden stop
Changes lives
The tracks are evident
The echoes of a scream

Broken Promise, Broken Wings

You broke your promise
Betrayed my trust
Tore my wings
Feather by feather
Now I fall
When I want to fly
The sky eludes me...

Give and Take

The rose delivered
Thorns intact
And petals withered

The dove given
Feathers plucked
And wings broken

The gown, the gift
Pure white silk
Torn and ripped

The heart
Still aching
Broken, shattered
Still bleeding

Monday, November 26, 2007

Innocence Accused

Defendant take the stand
Prosecutor commence
Answer in honesty...

Well honestly
Can you tell me?
You've never been
Where I've been?
Never seen
What I've seen?
You've never made
Any mistakes
And wanted
A second chance?
Honestly, can you tell me,
You're perfect?

Acting so high and mighty
Passing judgement
With no remorse
Ever thought it could be you
Taking the stand
Defending your innocence
With your fate already decided

When you're up on that seat
With hammer in hand
So quick to judge
So quick to decree
So quick to decide
They're guilty

But turn the tables
And see in honesty
People's true nature
When accused of guilty
Let's see you take the stand
So hesitant to speak
Look you're already sweating
Already twitching
Already second guessing

You condemn perjury
And sentence honesty
What's the point?

So Far

Miles away
From you and me
Miles away
So far you can't see
Miles away
The distance between
Miles away
It's killing me...

I Want

I want to wipe
Away your tears
I want to help
You conquer your fears
I want you to open
Your eyes and see
I want you to raise
Your voice and speak
So listen closely dear
I want to be there...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Silent Still World

What if the whole world were silent,
And painted in black and white,
If life was as still as the paintings...

A New Scar

Where did this come from?
I ask myself
When did I suffer a wound
So deep it would leave a mark?
Have I endured so much pain
So much suffering
That I don't even notice
The wounds anymore?
As if I don't have
Enough scars already
Has my heart been
So much
That I don't bother
Even to pick up the pieces?
Has my mind been boggled
By so many questions
With no clear answer
That I stop asking?
I wonder...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Don't follow me
Into my darkness
Stay away
My friend
Please keep your distance

I will face my demons
Of my own design
Who torment me
Bite my heels
With every step
I take

I will fall to rise
From this pit of pain
I've created
This cycle of despair

I don't want you to suffer
So stay away
Steer clear
Of me
This pain is mine
And mine alone
To bear
To live with

Keep your distance
My friend
Away from this
Self-consuming darkness
Don't follow me
And don't dare call me
A martyr
My pain, my problems
I'm no martyr...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost Today

Are we so afraid
So cautious
That we're scared of ourselves?
Can't trust anyone
Not even yourself
Has the world become so dark
So eclipsed by correctness?
Have we had so much revenge
An eye for an eye
That the whole world is blind?
So stereotypical
That no one can change
Who they seem to be?
No one can replace their appearance
With their heart?
With their being?
Isn't it the inside that counts?

Confusing As It Is

Maybe it's wrong
To feel about her the way I do
Perhaps I move to fast
Fall in love to easily
But it's so comforting
Or maybe I'm that naive
Could it be that I care too much?
I know her beauty
Her flaws
Her quirks
And I wish I could reach her heart
But I feel like she's so far away
Maybe it was a mistake
Or maybe I'm the one that's drifting
I wish I could stay by her side
The times when she's sick
I wish I could be there
To cheer her up
When she's down
Maybe I'm too easily attached
Maybe I fall in love too fast
Is it wrong to feel about her
The way I do?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Be Heard

Let your voice be heard
Say what you want to say
Don't stay silent
Just let it all out
Hold nothing back
Hold nothing back
They can take it or leave it
But they'll have to hear it

Even if they try to ignore,
They start to avoid you
Never stay quiet
Never stay quiet
Someone will listen
They just haven't found you yet

Be it speaking,
or writing,
or typing
Say what you want
Never give up
Never give up
On yourself

Let it all out
Let yourself be heard
Say what you want to say

Hold nothing back
Never stay quiet
Never give up

Someone will listen...
Someone will listen...


Hope seems bleak
But it's there
There's always light
In the darkness

You have strength
You have will
You can do it on your own
You can, yes you can

I know
You have the strength
In your heart
Just look inside
You'll find it
And I know
You have the will to carry on
Bear this burden on your shoulders
And still chase your dreams
Running out full speed

If you find yourself falling
You're not alone
If you find yourself breathing
You're not alone
If you find yourself doubting
You're not alone
If you find your heart beating
You're not alone

You have strength
You have will
You can do it on your own
You can, yes you can

I don't want you to cry
Please wipe those tears from your eyes
Let yourself smile
Let yourself laugh

You can, yes you can

Stand strong,
Hold on,

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Color Tone

I could blend in the shadows
Or fade in the light
Or stand still in the gray
And be lost in every shade

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Something maybe I should've explained before...

Why the name,
Because of anonmity
To be unknown
But heard
Almost ironic...

I faced the dragon
And ripped of its wings
Used them to fly
Search the world
For something
Or someone...

But they chased me down
By burning the sky
Searching parties
Are after me
As I hide myself
I discard my identity
So they won't see me
So they won't find me
But neither can she...


A double-edged sword...



One moment depressed
Another uplifting
Still another regretful
Then shameful
Then curious
And again happy
Is there something wrong with me?
Am I insane?
Or am I just humane?
I feel like I keep drifting
Between the light and the darkness
And infinite shades of gray
The sky is falling
Or is the ground rising?

In A Heartbeat

No matter how far I am
No matter how long I've gone away
(Be back in a heartbeat)
I'll be back in a heartbeat
No matter who I'm talking to
No matter what I'm doing
(Be back in a heartbeat)
I'll be back in a heartbeat
If you find yourself between
A rock and a hard place
(Just call my name)
I'm on my way
If you're in trouble,
Feeling down,
Need a friend
(Just call my name)
I'll be back in a heartbeat

I'm coming back
Coming back
Coming back
I'll be back in a heartbeat
I'm on my way
On my way
Almost there
Wait just a little longer...

I'll always be there
(Always be there)
I'll never abandon you
I'll always be there
(Always be there)
I'll never abandon you

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Puppeteer

What a talented puppeteer
She has so many men
Wrapped around her finger
She wears them as rings
To show off to everyone
They have strings attached
And no consciousness
She controls their every movement
Their every breath
They won't stop coming
Falling for outside beauty
Only to find themselves
On shelves
Beside hundreds of others
She gets gifts
They lose the money
She gets the attention
They lose their free will
I'm glad I have
A pair of scissors
No strings for me...

Feeling Psycho

Have you ever felt like
Ripping out your heart
Only to smash it to pieces
So you wouldn't feel anymore?

What if I
Erase my
Erase my memories,
My mistakes,
My regrets
And erase her
An eraser

I'm banging my head
And pounding my fists
Against this wall
I can't think anymore

These cuts only go so deep
I can barely breathe
My patience has run out
My pride is shattered

I've fallen
I'm falling
I've fallen
And I keep falling...

To The Slaughter

We herd them
Cage them
Bathe and feed them
All the while
Hiding our intentions
Behind lying smiles
And deceiving eyes

We sacrifice their lives!

So send the lambs
To the slaughter
Let their blood be spilled
So we can keep
All that we hold dear
Costing us nothing
But gaining everything

All their friends
And family
Can be damned for all we care
All that matters
Is the wealth,
The material things
That we guard so tightly

So send the lambs
To the slaughter
Let their blood be spilled
So we can keep
All that we hold dear
Costing us nothing
But gaining everything

But in the end...
We have no lambs
No scapegoats, no martyrs
Nothing to save us
But ourselves
Where will we be
Ten years from now?

I don't think I want to find out...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I can't help but laugh
When you say "sorry"
Because you never mean it
You never mean anything!
"I'm sorry"
"I'll never do it again"
"I promise"
"I love you...:

What a liar!
Stop promising
Stop promising
Your words mean nothing to me
Stop promising
Stop promising
You sack of lies

The only thing I ever got from you
Were false hopes and fake dreams
You built me up
Only to tear me down
Drag me down
With you...

Stop promising
Stop promising
Your words will come back to haunt you
Stop promising
Stop promising
Ever heard of karma?

What a liar!

It's all a game to you
It's all a game to you
It's time you lose...

My Enemy

Looking at a photo
I see me and my enemy
Holding hands
As friends
How ironic
That we were so close
Yet went opposite directions
The space between us
Is enough to circle the world
Three times over
We're that different
Like two negative charged magnets
There is no way we'll be together
Unless we're forced to
But even then we won't stay
I don't even remember how we drifted so far apart
All I know is we can never be close
The hatred is only visible to the trained eye
One that has seen fire in water

Pesky Raven

The raven pecks my window
I chase it away
But it flies in a circle
And returns to peck my window


I'm trying to write
But my hand shakes with anger
I'm losing my mind
My sanity


Get away from my window!
Let me be
Get away from my window!
Leave me alone

My patience is broken
I watch the glass shatter
As you fall
And silence comes

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Adoration: Innocent Life

The street went on
As far as his eyes could see
He glanced at the rear view mirror
And adored his son
What a beautiful baby!
He couldn't help but stare
And admire
His own flesh and blood
He watched his son laugh
He watched his son smile
His eyes drifted from the road...
What a beautiful baby!
I guess the other driver didn't think so...

It happened so fast
The speed was blinding
Shattered glass
Twisted metal
Screeches of collision and
It echoes

He crawls out of the deathtrap
Engines in flames
His ears ringing
His body bleeding
He searches the destruction
Where is his son?
He turns over what was a door
And finds the corpse
Grief shreds his heart
He can hear the sirens coming
As a shard of glass gleams
Calling him...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Your Savior

I want to be a savior...

I want to save you...

Give me wings and I will fly
Soar through the sky
To your rescue...

Give me a sword and I will slay
All in my way
I'm coming for you...

Give me a shield and I will guard
Spill my blood
I will protect you...

Give me the strength and I will fight
For the sake of love
All for you...

I want to be...

Your savior...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Get Well Soon

Wait a second
Sit down
Take a deep breath
Forget about what's happening
Can you hear your heart beating?
Can you feel your heart beating?
You're alive
That alone is enough

Are you feeling better?
Do you feel better?
Are you feeling better?
Get well soon

Hush now
Can you hear yourself breathing?
Can you feel yourself breathing?
The calm,
Imagine yourself in the sky
Amongst the clouds
Above all else

Are you feeling better?
Do you feel better?
Are you feeling better?
Get well soon

Don't worry


I wish there was an eraser
So I could erase my mistakes
I wish memories receeded
So I could forget her

I wish my wounds stopped bleeding
I wish my heart wasn't so fragile
I wish I had wings
So I could fly instead of fall
Fall for her
Fall for anything
Was I that naive?
Or was I that deceived?

I wish I could start over
Have a second chance
But would it be worth it?
What if it only ended again
In the same tragedy?
Mistakes repeated
Could I erase it again?

I wish there was an eraser
So I could erase my mistakes
I wish memories receeded
So I could forget her

So I could erase her...

Love for a Heart Out of Reach

I'd love to make her laugh
To make her smile
To hold her when she's cold
To hold her for the sake of holding her
To talk to her
To listen to her
To cheer her up when she's done
To go someplace in the dead middle of the night
Just to be with her
To gaze into her eyes

I'd tell her she's beautiful
She doesn't need make up
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And beauty is all I see
When I look at her

I'd scream for her
I'd bleed for her
I'd even die for her
I'd love her that much

How many words have I written for her?
How many sheets of paper for her?
How much ink and lead and minutes for her?
How many memories of her?
How many regrets of her?

But she's miles away
Even standing next to me
Because she lost in a different world
And I can't enter
She breaks her heart
And I'd pick up the pieces
But she won't listen...

She's drifting farther and farther away...

Why do I love her?

Too much heartache...
Too much pain...
Too much regret...

She's drifted away...
Out of reach...

Those Who Fight the Wars

One soldier said,
"The past is your last breath,
The present is this breath,
And the future is your next breath."
Surrounded by death
By carnage
By constant sorrow
They carry on
Fight on
They're not killing machines
The opposite, really
They're human
They have hopes
They have dreams
They have regrets
They have heartaches
Some have lovers they wish to protect
Others have families they wish to keep
Uncertain of their time
Uncertain of reasons
They fight on
Humanity fights on

Friday, November 9, 2007

They Come For Us All

I refuse
To bend my knee to you
To abide by your rules
To change by your judgements
To conform to the crowd
I'll do what I want
What I feel
This is my life
Stop trying to control it
I'm no animal
I'm not property
I am human
I am me
But you insist on marching
Continue to harass me
No one is the same
And that is for good reason
What joy is there in life
If everything is the same?
Diversity fuels creativity
And creativity feeds the soul
Gives it expression and bliss
But you are Hell-bent on making
This world like you
You exclude
You ridicule
You judge
I laugh at you
For you think you have so much power
So much influence
That you forget
You're outnumbered

Autumn Frost

It's so cold
Maybe it's because the leaves fall
And the trees take a grim appearance
Maybe it's because the winds rise
As the sun falls
Or maybe it's because
Sorrow walks beside me
And regret grips my heart
Maybe it's because the sky is so depressing
With its indecisiveness
Black or white?
Dark or light?
Neither: gray
I can't even sleep anymore
I drift asleep in cold
I awake in cold
The sun doesn't even rise anymore
It hides in the clouds
In comfort, in warmth
Away from this autumn frost
Winter's coming...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Painting the Walls

If I painted these walls red
Would they reek of blood?
If I painted them blue
Would I drown in them?
If I painted them black
Would I be lost in darkness?
If I painted them white
Would they blind my eyes?
If I painted them green
Would they torture me
With memories of her
And a broken heart

Calling Out

I wander the darkness
Listening to echoing sounds
I run through the darkness
Listening to the wind
Hoping to hear your voice again

I'm calling out your name
I'm calling out your name
I'm calling out your name
Please come back to me

My heart is gone
Have you seen it?
I ask everyone around
My heart is gone
Have you seen it?
Follow the trail
Of blood they say

I'm calling out your name
I'm calling out your name
I'm calling out your name
Please come back to me

Thursday, November 1, 2007


To be lost in her eyes
To swim in those deep blue oceans
For hour after hour
To walk with her
Holding hands
Just to know she's there
To talk on the phone with her
For hours on end
Talking about trivial things
That don't even matter
To cheer her up when she's feeling down
To make her laugh
To make her smile
Brightening up my day
While the angels sing
To hold her
Embrace her
Kiss her
Look at her
Write to her
Talk to her
To be with her
What I wouldn't do...


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming