Sunday, April 12, 2009

Come Back Home (I Miss You)

So I know
Everybody's got a life to live
Everybody's got a chance to give
A gift, so precious
But I can't help it
Just let me be
Here I am
Being selfish

I want you by my side
Through the day and through the night
(I miss you)
And your smile

So won't you please just
(Come, back, home)
Come back, where you belong
And I know
That this might be wrong
And I know that
Never did
Never will
Every single thing in this
(Whole, wide, world)
But I know for certain
For sure
Known ever since before
I started this little
Play on words
For you

I'm just trying to tell you
Short and sweet
Simple and clean
Plain and simple
I miss you

I miss you
Been missin' you
(Far, too, long)
And it's hard
When you
This song
All along
I always knew
It would come to this
And believe me
I took a chance
But missed

So won't you please just
Won't you please just

[Come back home]
(Come, back, home)
I've been waiting
I'll be waiting
With open arms
[I miss you
Said I miss you]

And today's
Another one
Of those days
The days
When you feel like
You can say
What's on your mind
What you feel

(No hesitation)

I'm taking this chance
To let off my chest
What I've been trying to say
(Dying to say)
Ever since you left
I'm not happy with this

And who knew
That I
Would ever
Write like this
Matching every other word
With a different rhyme
'Cause a rhyme scheme
Is too cliche
For me

And these words are flowing
Partly 'cause
Right now
No worry

You've been too far
For too long
And I'm just
Writing you this song
So you won't forget
Where you came from
And I hope you met
Somebody new
And interesting
Maybe we
Can get along
Like nobody else
And I hope for you
The best
And nothin' less
'Cause that's
(Just the way I am)

It's kinda funny
How I keep wishin'
That you're alright
That you're okay
You stick and stay
With it
Make it through
Make a memory
Of it

But at the same time
Wishin' that you just
Hurry back home
Jump into
These open arms
I'll hold you forever
Or until you say so
Whatever the case
I'm just
Tryin' to let you know

(I miss you)

Won't you please just
Oh won't you please just

[Come back home]
(Come, back, home)
I've been waiting
I'll be waiting
With open arms

(I miss you)
Like nothin' else
(I miss you)
Like nobody else

Now it's time
To call it quits
That's a wrap
Tie this away
Final words to say
'Fore I leave
It's okay
I've been waiting
And I'll keep waiting
'Til you come home
Tellin' everyone
That you made it
(I hope you make it)

Just hurry up
[I miss you]
(Come, back, home)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Johnny never lived his dream
Never had a chance
Got drafted, sent to boot camp
Trained about a day
Then it's time to leave

No gun on shoulder
Barely a soldier

And over there
Saw terrible things
Watched his best friend die
Right there in his arms
Cried out for help
All he got
Were bullet shells
Dropping to the floor

Bodies piled up
And every face, he knew
Were put in his squad
One day or the other
And now they're dead
Nothin' showin' for it


Johnny came home
And we threw a parade
That lasted less than a day
And after we
Left our separate ways

Johnny served his country

But that very same country
Left him out in the dark
Left him for dead
Left him with the nightmares
All the faces with blood
All the bodies dismembered
The bombs still dropping
In Johnny's mind
And they drop
As he screams in the night


Johnny got medication
But all it did was
Make Johnny just wasted
Left him with the fear
With the blood on his hands
Left him with the image
Morphine = high demand

And the nightmares
Don't get me started on that
Johnny can't function


In a world
With such bright lights
And every other sound
A bomb to his ears
And now

Johnny's just wasting away
Living every night like
It's the last of his days
He's so sure he'll

(Die tomorrow)

But relives the sorrow


And now he
Can't live in his home

He worries the children

And his wife remarried

The court took his little kids
In shackles and chains
Gave 'em to people
Who want paid

And Johnny sits there alone
On a park bench and cold
Cop tells him to leave
And Johnny wants


To tell him his story
But can't talk right
And the cop won't listen

Johnny's out of a bed
Now he wanders the streets
Not sure what he's looking for

Really needs a home
But nobody wants him

(He's crazy)

Rattling on about
How he served in the army
Served his country
Got home, had a parade
Lasted less than a day
And his wife left him
Court took the kids...

(...No one's listening)

Losing Sight

So focused on tomorrow
We forgot about today
Past is even further away
Irrelevant to the present
Or so we like to think
And history is set on repeat
Mistake after mistake
We give, then we take
Back what was ours
Take any, it's ours!

Now I don't mean
To be a rebel
But if so
Then that's your label
And I hope really
You revel
In the rubble
I'm about to rain down
From the sky
The very clouds
That hover over us
Every single day

And it's like this
We can't hit
We miss
Because we can't see
The whole world's
One eye blind

I'd like to see you try
To stop your life
Just for a second
Hold your breath
Stop your heart
Watch the leaf fly by
Don't you feel something wrong?
There's a war going on!
People are dying
And we worry about the economy
But nobody
Wants to remember that

Focus on the good times
Let's all lie to ourselves
Make us feel better
Why not?
Give me medication
Make it go faster

The children of tomorrow
Were abandoned today
We left them for dead
They're as bad as the past
Moving on before we ever settled down
But the future is ours!


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming