Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So What If I Don't Make Sense to Myself

Do you run
[So far away?]
(From me)
[Are you afraid]
Of my darkness?
[Are you afraid]
Of this light
That shines
(So faint?)
[This rose]
That dies
[Petals] (wither away)

Wait for
The sun
(To rise)
Fade the
Day to
Maybe then (you can see)
Maybe then (you could breathe)

Or would you rather
Have the ravens
Paint it black
[Make it night]

(And why)
Do you run
[So far away?]
(From me)
[Are you afraid]
Of my darkness?
[Are you afraid]
Of this light
(That shines)
So faint?
[These flames]
That die
(Fall to ashes)

[I hope]
You will
[But I know]
You won't
[And I hope]
You will
[But I know]
You won't


This love that [dies]


I don't
Make sense
[To myself]
I don't
Make sense
[To myself]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hope for the Best

(I can't feel you breathing)
I can't feel you breathe in
(I can't feel you breathe in)

(My finger)
Side to side
(My finger)
Side to side

I can't go on like this
I can't move on like this

Hear the sirens
(Rushing down the street)
Your fragile
Lose grip in
Hear the sirens
(Rushing down the street)
You fragile
Hold on

I place my trust (in the)
Pale doors
(Of the ambulance)
[I hope] you'll be okay
I place my trust (in the)
Pale doors
(Of the ambulance)
[I hope]

Friday, September 12, 2008


Thank you for never believing in me
Never trusting
Never loving
Yeah, thank you for not caring
Where would I be
If it weren't for you?
Oh, I don't know
Somewhere better
For sure
Thanks for thinking I'm lazy
Thanks for never watching
Never looking for
Never seeing me for me
I do more things
Than you would ever know
Thanks for telling me
I'm wasting my time
Throwing my life away
Yeah, I figured you would never
This life is complicated
But I like it
It's mine
So thank you
For never believing in me
Without you
I'll be that much stronger

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Forget Fantasy

How many years (has it been)
Since (I saw you?)
I wish you (well)
And I know(I will)
Never be your one (your only)
But is it so wrong (to dream?)
Dream along
(A playful) fantasy
(One that will)
Never be (real)
How many hours (have you) plagued my mind?
How many words (are meant) for you?
I wish you (the best) it can be
I wish you (the best) life (possible)
Knowing that (I)
Will never (be)
You one (your true only)
And I can't help
(But dream along)
A hopeless (fantasy)
For you (my first) only
Please just (forget me)
Forget me
(Maybe then) I could
(Follow you)
Maybe then (I could)
Forget you (forget you)
I wish (I could) just
Forget (my) fantasy

Different Me

I feel like I'm being pushed
Farther and farther away
We fight a lot more
Than we used to
I doubt she even cares
About what I think anymore
I think I hate her
But she's my mother
I owe her my life
But I've been thinking
Way too much time
On my hands
Would I really be happier
Somewhere else,
Born to someone else?
Would I be happier
If I was a different me?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Navy Reserve

A Navy reserve
Is called to active duty
He's leaving soon

That's what he told us
9That's what he told me)
But it was all I could do
To keep myself from screaming

Why do you fight their wars?
Why do you give your life?
(They're the cause)
(They're the fault)
Why fight the war [unjustified?]

Is it patriotism that drives you?
(Is it honor?)
Is it a [blind] conception of [pride?]


Is he just another one
(To them?)
A number
(Not a name)
A soldier
(Not a being)
[A soldier]

[Stay away]
No grave for him
No graves today

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh 8

What does a teenage pregnancy
Have to do with his election?
It's already settled
And really
Where hasn't that
Happened before?

And I thought we dreamed
Of a better world
Where a man wasn't judged
Based on his skin
But on his character
His character

And let's not forget
The words we said
Women are equal
Equal to men

What's wrong with this picture?
Someone please explain

What's so wrong with
Trying to earn a living?
A better life
To help the family
I've heard what they say
The jobs you'll never do
The jobs you'll never do

And what happened to
Ever heard of ethanol?
Harness the power
Of the wind
Solar eclipse

What's wrong with this picture
I see?

Someone please
It to me
There's something wrong
What's wrong here?

Are we still fighting that war?
Are they still not home yet?


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming