Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Funeral Unknown and the Vain Attempt of a Child

As a young boy
Maybe five or so
I was taken to a funeral
Of someone I wish I'd known

My mother
Was in so much pain
From staring at the grave
Of her father
Her tears
Flooded the grass
My very feet
I couldn't take it anymore
Didn't want to see her cry

So I used my hands
And covered her eyes
Covered her eyes
Thinking that
If she couldn't see
What caused her
So much suffering
Then she'd be alright
Maybe she wouldn't cry

Childish I know
But if you were me
You would've done the same thing
For the one that raised you
Cared for you
And caught you when
You fell
Gave you a kiss
Without fail

Year by year
On the day of his death
She lights a single candle
And pays her respects
I watch this
And regret
Having missed
The chance
To meet my grandfather

Regretful Wish

She's so young
So innocent
To the cruelness of fate
Unforgiving time
I hope
For her sake
She stays pure
So innocent...

But it's been
How many years?
She's growing up
Becoming a young adult
A teenager
Full of questions
What should I tell her?
The truth of the world?
That life isn't fair?
You can't get what you want?

She's a grown woman now
She can take care of herself
She's learned the truth
On her own
However grim
Or disheartening it was

I regret
Letting her go
On her own
But it had to be done
I can't keep her forever

Sometimes I wish
That I could have stopped
The hands of time
And kept her young
So innocent...
And prevent the pain
From learning the truth
That comes with age

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Utter Chaos

This world is full of sacrafice
Don't look now but close your eyes
And see the blood spilled on the floor
He will rest forever more
Veins wide open and dry
All she ever does for him is cry
Will the pain escape from them tonight?
Or will their grief cloud their precious minds?
They've devoured his insides
Consumed his soul
Now they are outside
Wreaking havok upon the world
And that is the time to look to the sky
For the hero to come and save our lives
Hope in physical form
Prepare yourself for the coming storm
Thunder and lightning fill the sky
While forces of good and evil collide
Who will be the victor?
And be the one to "save" her?
These and other questions
Echo in the minds of creation

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Guardian

When I close my door, you open it up
When I stray away, you pull me by your side
When I say it's impossible, you tell me to try

You've always protected me. No matter what.
When others fall, you are the first to stand up

You've always been there
Even if you're gone, you're here
In my heart
With you, I can face the dark

Gentle giant,
Compassionate king,
Wounded hero that bleeds,
Yet strives on
For what he believes.
Never gives up.

Times struggles to catch up
But you leave it behind
Tell it to eat your dust

I know one day you'll be gone
Because time will eventually catch up,
But he'll be out of breath,
And he'll only catch you beacause
You stopped to rest.
He'll take you to Death
Who will have his hands full
Just trying to take you down.
You've rested and are ready for anything
To come your way.


Oh, what I would give...
To see her smile
To brighten up my day
What I would give...
To hear her laughter
And the angels,
They would sing

Oh, what I would do...
To mend her heart
Bring the sun back to her skies
What I would do...
To have her feel comfort
And bring back in the light

Age of Innocence

Remember way back when
We were young
Too small to harm

And we only had to work to walk
To get what we want

When the only world we knew
Was the living room
And the rest of the house

The only things to fear
Were the monsters in the closet
And under the bed

The only arguements:
Who gets to watch what when
And who gets to play with what first

When the days were short
And the night stayed young

Oh, how we've come so far
From such humble beginnings
How much has become
So complicated
Problems that
We didn't even know
Trouble our thoughts
Everyday of our lives

Turn back the hands of time
And return
To the age of innocence
My bliss

The Difference Between

He wants her body
She wants his love
He lacks emotion
She lacks the knowledge
To understand
The difference between
Lust and love

Don't fall for him
Unless you like
The taste of dirt
In your mouth
He won't catch you
No, he won't catch you

Her heart jumps
At his touch
His eyes are set, intent,
On the bed
She waits to hear
Words that he'll never say

Her skin is smooth
His hands are rough
Her heart is too fragile
Too susceptible
To the weight
To bear
After he's done with her
He'll move on
To make
Another victim
Another tragedy
And leave her to struggle
To comprehend


Be honest
We say
Yet we turn a deaf ear
To the truth
We don't want to hear

We place taboos
Make forbidden the strange (to us)
Fail to understand difference
Yet promote peace

We claim freedom
For everyone
Yet impose our will
On them all

We proclaim all are eqaul
Yet there is inequality
Prejudice judgement
Why would you judge a book
By its cover?

Monday, August 27, 2007


She can fill a canvas
With every color in the world
Create the perfect picture
With only brushstrokes
Its beauty
Brings tears to the eyes

He creates worlds
With only simpls words
You become emersed in it
Experience it
Yet it's only written in black ink
And on common paper

She captures the very essence of life
In her photos
The joy
The pain
The glory
The shame
Her camera is her best friend
And her photos are her memories

His words can touch
The hearts of men
Even though there is only
A handful of them
They fill only one page
But speak volumes

If only the world weren't so
Judgemental, prejudice
Then maybe these gifted
Could share with no worries
But such a place does not exist
Yet one of these few
Can make a difference
Maybe even create such a place...


I see the sadness in her eyes
Everytime she tries to laugh
Or forces a smile
Stains from a thousand tears
Decorate her grief stricken face
She hesitates with every step
Shudders at the slightest touch
She's afraid and alone
Even though he's right next to her
The reason for all of this

Why does she stay?
What are those marks on his fists?
Her face is maimed
But inner beauty remains
He'll leave soon
And move on to another victim
And leave her to rot and decay
In her own darkness

She may despair
But all she needs
Is someone to say
"I'm here for you"
May the light of day
Pierce the clouds of her mind
And maybe her heart will open
To the joys of the world

I hope she spreads her wings
And soars in the sky
Through the clouds
Across the world
And even if someone
Were to take her wings
And tear them apart
Feather by feather
You can still fly with broken wings
To a new day
With hope and will
Stay safe...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

See It for Yourself

Seperate your coposition
Body full of motion
Heart filled with emotion
Mind full of thought and questions
Soul filled with determination
What remains
Is all the pain
Kept inside
If only you open your eyes
You'll see the truth
The one and only
No longer hidden from you
Or obscured from view
It starts to get lonely
Knowing others are blind
They only know one side
Of the story
But don't worry
Put your composition
Back together
And start rehabilitation
Move like a feather
In the wind
Don't pretend
Just remeber...
This world can be full of lies
Don't be blind
Open your eyes
See the truth
Visible to only you


Victimized by theft
They stole her life, her luxury, her light
And left her to rot in the cold, heartless night
Her heart is heavy with loss
All hope seems lost
Desperation, fear, and despair
Remain rich in the air
She spends time curled up in a corner
Struggling to find a way to keep warm
Her teeth are yellow
Passer bys are so shallow
One glance is all she gets
And then they look away and regret
Ever looking in the first place
At her face
Full of pain and sorrow
Never looking towards tomorrow
Her beauty is long gone
Days are nearly done
So scrawny all her bones protrude
From her figure, so rude
Somebody save her...


Wrap me up in bandages
Even though the blood seeps through
"Tear out my heart" I said
So it won't continue to fuel my wounds

Suffering, severe, injuries
Bloody scarlet red
Pouring out my heart
After being pierced
A thousand wounds
For every time she said
The word "love"

Take the scapal and open up my wounds
Doctor what's wrong with me
Doctor, doctor
What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?

Taken on a stretcher
To the Emergency Room
They say "It's gonna be okay"
"It's gonna be okay"
Then I'm put into a deep sleep
By anesthetic
So aesthetic
By anesthetic
So aesthetic

Struggle to Let Go

Sadness envelops my heart
(I don't want to but I have to)
Despair tears at my soul
(Can I truly move on?)
Regrets haunt my mind
(I wanted to do so many things)
Blood stains my hands
(Dreams have died)
Guilt strangles my lungs
(I should have done something)

Her face pleads "No"
Her eyes drown in tears
Her hands reach for me
Reach for the light
But I fade into the darkness
I can't stay

It's killing me
That I can't have what I want
Bliss remains as out of reach as the sky
So why should I try?

Why doesn't it work?
My desires don't go hand in hand
But I can't live without one or the other
Not happily...

But it has to be done
I have to let go
To move on with my life
No one is sure where life will take them
But I hope I've chosen the right path

For her sake as well as mine...

True Hero

He sweats
He bleeds
Breaks his bones
Loses sleep
Surrenders his time
The scars number too many
Almost dies twice
But comes back the next day
For so many years

Comes home exhausted
But finds the energy
To cheer them up
To pretend everything is alright
Nothing's wrong

The paycheck is never enough
But he struggles to make it work
Until his body no longer moves
Is it worth it?
"This is worth it," he says,
"They are worth it."

Soldier's Regrets

Memories I want to forget
Agonize every moment
Regretting mistakes
A second chance eludes me

Her eyes were blood red
She clutched her toy
And grimaced
I pulled the trigger
And her blood spilled
The wall was painted red
I plead for salvation
But receive no answer

Red everywhere...
Screams echo...
Everywhere I look
A life I have taken
Haunting my mind
My sanity
Feeble humanity
She's dead,
And I can't bring her back
Suffer the consequences
Facing fate


She disguises herself
Hides behind fake smiles
Moves in the dark
Stifles screams, silent
A heavy burden she carries
A secret
But she will never tell

She suffers alone
Away from loved ones
Denies help
For the sake of them
But she can only go so far
On her own
Before fatigue
Ensnares her body

But no one would ever notice
Or even detect
The sadness that envelops her
The pain, guilt, regret
That tortures her heart

Behind forced smiles,
And joyful eyes
She disguises herself
To fool the world


Chains bind his wrists
Crows tear at his flesh
Blood spills to the floor

Wounded and weak
Pride means nothing
Illusions haunt his mind

The cliff, so desalate
Empty of life
Yet he still lives

Grasping every breath
With all his strength
Yet he can't escape...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last Words of a Fallen

I wanted to tell you
So many things
Before I'm gone
But it's too late
So I guess this is

But before I give in,
Surrender to death...

I want to leave some advice
For you, my son
No matter what the odds
No matter what others says

Just stay strong
Just hold on
It's never done
If you give up

And as these wounds
Take their toll on my body
And as my blood
Spills to the floor
As my lungs fail me
With my surrendering body
And the grave comes into view
Know this...
I am always with you
As long as you have a heart



I want to save the day
I want to leave the darkness
No matter what they say
And no matter how I write this
It causes too much pain
And I'm tired of the silence
I go through every day
Always hearing some nonsense
But I will always remain
Aware of my conscience


If it's worth anything
I would like to say
I'm sorry
(For what I've done)
I'm sorry
If you care anymore
Please open the door
To your heart
(Please take me back)
To your heart

I'm on my knees
Begging you please
Don't do this to me
Don't leave

Please don't say goodbye
Don't say goodnight
Or my heart bleeds tonight
Is it too much to ask for?


Can you hear the sirens in the street?
Do you see the light on his dead body?
Can you feel his final heartbeat?

Do you feel the pain in her heart?
Can you hear her silent screams?
Do you see the fear in her eyes?

Can you see the ice in his eyes?
Do you feel the cold of his heart?
Can you hear ice shatter?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tree Overhead

People go abut their daily lives
They love, they joke, they fight,
And through it all I do only three things:
I watch, I wait, I listen

He tells her, "I love you with all my heart."
And she says, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I do too, I guess."
Gives him a kiss and walks away
And leaves him to rot with emotions
I watch, I wait, I listen

They tell him
"You suck. Get out of here."
They ridicule, taunt, and jeer
but he takes it, a scapegoat
he knows they're frustrated, mad at themselves
just jealous of natural talent
I watch, I wait, I listen

He tells her
"It'll never happen again, this is the last time
I promise."
with a dazed look in his eyes
"I'm sick of this.
You said last time was last time."
She slaps him in the face and walks away
I watch, I wait, I listen

He says
"Have you heard the one about the drunk and the priest?"
And he replies
"No, how does it go?"
After a moment of
verbal exchange
along with gestures
they erupt in laughter
he says
"Let's go have some fun."
And he replies
But neglects to tell him
"You just saved my life today."
I watch, I wait, I listen

Lock, Key, Treasure

Walking down empty hallways
And echoing sounds
Flickering lights
Thinnest air in the world
(It's hard to breathe)
I find my mind, my sanity
Next to my heart, my humanity
On top of a locked box
And I'm missing the key
But I know I'm missing a part of me
A part of me...

Searching franticly
Breaking down doors
And scouring every surface
I find the key
And it's in her hands
But she runs away
And I give chase
Determined to make myself complete
I've caught her red-handed
But she's already opened the box
And I take a look
Guess what's inside
She's inside the box
I've found a part of me
She's a part of me

Hopes of the Father

I want you to see - Open your eyes
I want you to hear - Listen to these words
I want you to think - What do we fear?
I want you to speak - Let your voice be heard
I want you to feel - The warmth of my hand
I want you to taste - Sweet, sweet victory
And I want you to know - I'll be there
To lift you up
No matter what
All I want
Is for you to be whole
I want you to have it all...


Will you let me in
To your heart?
I want to know you
As you are
You're already perfect
Everythig I wanted
You're everything I wanted
Already perfect

So tell me
Your favorite color
Is black or gray
Are you gone or right here?
Or is it red?
Like the blood from my heart
That would be spilt
Just to see you
And that smile...

Paint this canvas
With your desire

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The sun won't rise
The moon will never shine
Th stars aren't coming out tonight
Eternal darkness
Engulfs the world
Flames of hatred
Slowly burn
Peace to ashes
With the stars crashing down
And the flames rising
Smoke blinds and suffocates
Blood spills to the floor
Chaos rules us once more
The sky is pouring
Its heart out and spilling
Its blood all over the city
And it all
The end
All we know
Is the end of the world


Glass shatters
Hearts bleed
But it doesn't matter
She left me
Darkness falls
Lights fade out
And through it all
I'm falling down
Past the ground
With broken bones
Make no sound
Only wounds
My heart is broken
Beyond repair
Eyes are bloodshot
Restless nights
Dreams become
Warped, distorted
Hearts break
Into a milliion pieces
Love and Hate
Are two familiar faces
All of this empty space
Never before existed
Try to erase
All of her empty kisses

Lost Love

She left him
For another
And let his heart bleed
But she didn't realize
The feelings
That he still had for her
So he went back
Tried to make her see
What he could do for her
But she stabbed him
In the back
With another man
Blood from his veings
Let his heart bleed
He's gone away
Let him bleed to death
She'll never see him again
He's never coming back
Never coming back
Never coming back
Never coming back

Resist the Ages

I don't want to grow older
Because, you're that much closer
You're that much closer (to the grave)
Going back is so easy
Moving forward's so hard
Step by step
Breath by breath

I held her in my arms
And she clung to me, like
There was no tomorrow
I had to leave
So I said,
"I can't hold you forever,"
And she said
"You can try"

Her Heart

She's been hurt
She's been broken
So many times before
That her heart
Has closed itself
To the world

She wants to fly away
Go and make a brand new day
But she's looking in the wrong place
From the top of the bridge
Fifty feet above
The rushing water
And she stares
And says "okay"
She jumps
And falls
Not expecting to fly just yet
She wants to assure the end

Tell Me, I Want An Answer

He says there's nothing left to live for
He says there's nothing worth dying for
He's just biding his time
And waiting for the end

She says nobody loves her
She says everyone hates her
There's no comfort
For a shattered heart

What do you say to someone
Who's lost all hope?
What can you say to someone
Who's given up?
What words would revive
A sense of life?

He walks and no one sees him
He talks and nobody listens
He stops and everyone passes by
Would someone care if he died?
The mirror shows no image
But he wants a vision

How do you talk to someone
Who won't listen?
How do you help someone
Who doesn't want the attention?
How do you unplug someone that's plugged in
To the system?
How do you save a life
When it wants to die?

Outcasted, Forgotten

He hides
Locked doors
Fake smiles
He conceals
His pain
His rage

She runs
From her troubles
By spilling
All her blood
Reopen wounds
Make new scars
She doesn't care
Her life is over

He's tired
And despairs
All hope is
He ties a noose
Grabs a chair
Guess what
He does

She sits in
A corner
Her eyes are
Wide open
Deprived of sleep
Her screams
In her mind

He breathes in
And breathes out
All the blood
Grabs the gun
And pulls the trigger

And yet we all go on
With our lives
Like nothing's wrong
Even though some die
What have we become?
Tell me

Broken Uncertainty

Takes control over me
Do you know what I need
To breath?
What do I have to bleed
To feed
This monster?

With every step I take
Every move I make
If I am real of fake
The cure
Seems to escape

I,can't, find
A way to end my suffering
Bind, this, mind
To keep me, to keep me, to keep me in one piece
To keep me, to keep me, to keep me in one piece

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sympathy for Love and the Circus

Open, the door
Turn on, the light
Welcome to
The main attraction
(Come one, come all)
Gather, around
To get, a, good view
Of the show
(It's getting started now)

I feel like the whole world
Is watching me fall, for you
And someone's making money off of it
I can feel their eyes on me
Heavy breathing, waiting
For the moment
I fail, and hit the ground

Ladies, and gentlemen
May I have your attention
Our main Attraction's ready to go
Watch him perform, for your entertainment
(And don't forget)
Concession stands, are right out, the door

I feel like the whole world
Is watching me fall for you
And someone's making money off of it
I can feel their eyes on me
(Heavy breathing, waiting)
For the moment
I fail, and hit the ground

(Their eyes are focused)
Anticipation's at its peak
(No chance to escape this)
I feel so weak
I fall
And try to catch your heart
I'm trying to catch your heart
Trying to catch you...

Passion, Phoenix

I'd wait
Forever and a day
Forever and a day I'd wait
For you
When the world comes crashing down
Around you
I'll be there
When you're burning out and
I'll raise you from the ashes now
Raise you from the ashes
With these arms
And this heart

Admiration of the Thief with my Heart

You picked the lock
Cracked the code
Opened the safe
And stole
My heart

You thief, you thief
You're stealing everything
You're running, you're running
From something
You take, you take
Whatever you want
Because, because
No one has stopped you

Security cameras only
Capture a shadow moving
In the dark with no one else around
Making no sound

I fell for those eyes
Got caught in those lies
How could I be so blind
And not reallize
The knife
My back...


Enter the Void
Erase all memories
Of your mind
Bury the pieces
Of your broken heart
Scatter the ashes
Of your life

And is this, what death feels like
To no longer live
Cease to exist

To no longer suffer
Is an eternal bliss
To be free of pain
Was your wish
Strife is gone
Along with chaos

Rest in peace
Or so they say
Eternal slumber
Consumes the weak
Trampled on
This is your escape
How it affects us today
Is yet to be seen...


Let the days pass by
Let the nights fasde away
Allow yourself to disappear

Travel with the wind
And be blown across the land
Only to return again

Dive into the ocean
And explore its depths
Where darkness awaits

Illuminated only by the stars
And by fireflies
Loose yourself in the woods

Let the sun burn out
Let the moon fly away
Allow yourself to loose control

Burn like a wildfire
Disintegrate to ashes
Then be blown away

When the sky falls
Will you catch it?
Or watch it crash into the ground?

700,000 miles down

He falls
Faster and faster
Burning brighter and brighter
Pass clouds
Through the sky
Feathers slowly drift away
From his wings
His halo no longer shines
Spiritual body has been lost
And replaced with
Flesh and blood
Tears escape his eyes
And now he crashes
Into the ground
Dirt,grss,and worms
Are thrown in the air
And land on his
Wounded body
He awakes to find himself
A lowly, a weak,
A pitiful
Mercy grant him strength
In his struggles


I'll drown these pains
In the ocean of my
Sorrow shedded tears
And as they sink to the bottom
I'll have forgotten
What love feels like
They'll remain in the darkness
Of my wounded heart
Until the day of fate

My memories are
Blurry and obscure
Unclear to me
What will I see?
When the haze rises
And reveals the truth
Where will I be?

If I could breathe
I would go on
I would stay strong
Keep going 'till the end
But my lungs stopped functioning
About six miles ago
And it's five in the morning
I'm all alone
On a highway to destiny

If only my heart would stop bleeding
Then maybe I
Could do this on my own
But my hands are stained
With my own tears and blood
No matter what I do
It's all the same
Never fades
It's all the same
Never fades away


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming