Friday, January 2, 2009

Hate Me

[You hate me
I hate me
So who's left
To join in the fun?]

[You hate me
I hate me
So who's

Where is my (joy)
Where is my escape
(Why can't I)
Ever seem to be
The one
(You want)

[I'm not perfect
You're not perfect
They're not perfect
But perfect
Is what you want]

[We're not perfect
It don't exist
But perfect
Is all you want]

An illusion
I hate it
(Like me)

[But still you scream
You scream
At me]

I'm no mistake
No mistake

I'm just me
Just me the me I want to be

[Why don't you open
Open your eyes
Stop acting blind
I know you can see
Stop lying
Stop trying]

You blame me
(For yourself)
You blame me
(For myself)
You blame me
(For anything)
You blame me
(For everything)

[I can't take anymore]


If you cut me
And I cut me
How many cuts will it take?
Will I bleed?
Will I die?
Will you see?
Will you try?

[Take this blade]
Cut me deep
(Maybe I'll)
Finally feel
(From you)
Be it pain
Or pain

[All that you ever gave me]

I hate me
(Cut me deep inside)
You hate me
(You finally gave me)
Something to feel
All that you give
All that you give

I'm not perfect
(You're no better)
Stop dreaming (because)
I'll never be
(Who you want me to be)

I'm just me
(Just me)
Just me
(Just me)
I'm just

[Someone we can all hate]

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word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming