Saturday, April 11, 2009

Losing Sight

So focused on tomorrow
We forgot about today
Past is even further away
Irrelevant to the present
Or so we like to think
And history is set on repeat
Mistake after mistake
We give, then we take
Back what was ours
Take any, it's ours!

Now I don't mean
To be a rebel
But if so
Then that's your label
And I hope really
You revel
In the rubble
I'm about to rain down
From the sky
The very clouds
That hover over us
Every single day

And it's like this
We can't hit
We miss
Because we can't see
The whole world's
One eye blind

I'd like to see you try
To stop your life
Just for a second
Hold your breath
Stop your heart
Watch the leaf fly by
Don't you feel something wrong?
There's a war going on!
People are dying
And we worry about the economy
But nobody
Wants to remember that

Focus on the good times
Let's all lie to ourselves
Make us feel better
Why not?
Give me medication
Make it go faster

The children of tomorrow
Were abandoned today
We left them for dead
They're as bad as the past
Moving on before we ever settled down
But the future is ours!

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