Saturday, April 11, 2009


Johnny never lived his dream
Never had a chance
Got drafted, sent to boot camp
Trained about a day
Then it's time to leave

No gun on shoulder
Barely a soldier

And over there
Saw terrible things
Watched his best friend die
Right there in his arms
Cried out for help
All he got
Were bullet shells
Dropping to the floor

Bodies piled up
And every face, he knew
Were put in his squad
One day or the other
And now they're dead
Nothin' showin' for it


Johnny came home
And we threw a parade
That lasted less than a day
And after we
Left our separate ways

Johnny served his country

But that very same country
Left him out in the dark
Left him for dead
Left him with the nightmares
All the faces with blood
All the bodies dismembered
The bombs still dropping
In Johnny's mind
And they drop
As he screams in the night


Johnny got medication
But all it did was
Make Johnny just wasted
Left him with the fear
With the blood on his hands
Left him with the image
Morphine = high demand

And the nightmares
Don't get me started on that
Johnny can't function


In a world
With such bright lights
And every other sound
A bomb to his ears
And now

Johnny's just wasting away
Living every night like
It's the last of his days
He's so sure he'll

(Die tomorrow)

But relives the sorrow


And now he
Can't live in his home

He worries the children

And his wife remarried

The court took his little kids
In shackles and chains
Gave 'em to people
Who want paid

And Johnny sits there alone
On a park bench and cold
Cop tells him to leave
And Johnny wants


To tell him his story
But can't talk right
And the cop won't listen

Johnny's out of a bed
Now he wanders the streets
Not sure what he's looking for

Really needs a home
But nobody wants him

(He's crazy)

Rattling on about
How he served in the army
Served his country
Got home, had a parade
Lasted less than a day
And his wife left him
Court took the kids...

(...No one's listening)

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Jane Opal said...

I konw a John in Iraq. He's not the person he used to be, but he's not this bad. Hope he never is.


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(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming