Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Maybe shyness is a blessing
And ignorance is bliss
Being different,
And separated from the crowd
A talent perhaps
Standing on the other side
Of the looking glass
And looking in
The value of the darkness is
No one can see you
Is a relief
No one can judge you
By your appearance
Only by your words
Can they grasp
The essence
Of your person
To understand
The struggle to express oneself
In a world filled with ridicule
Call it cowardice
But it has its advantages


Devilbluedress said...

Sometimes it is a blessing to be heard.

Sometimes to seek your friends and find answers.

Yet places of darkness and mediation also bring peace.

I have always written for myself. Yet I have a place that nobody reads. I do not judge. I understand and I accept. People are incredibly rich for merely who they are...

Jane Opal said...

Boy, can I relate to that.

I've got so much to say, but it's like people hear me but don't listen to me. I've learned to just keep my mouth shut most of the time, unless I have something to say that I know people will listen to.

I guess that's why I'm here [on blogger]. I can say what I want. Then people can read because they want to, not because I want them to.

- Jane


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming