Sunday, September 16, 2007


I turn this pages
And remember the faces
The people
My classmates
They've all gone their separate ways
But there's still pieces of them in me
Years we've spent together
It's only natural
But still...

Even though we went through
The same challenges every year
I still hate him
I can't even remember the reason
Call it foolishness
Or pride
But I can't stand him
And I get the feeling
He can't stand me

She was the first to steal my heart
And one of the first I heard
To get hers broken
I always hear of her and another guy
Every month
She can't seem to find happiness
How tiny are the pieces
Of a heart thats been trampled on
So many times?

My friends may be few
But we'll be together for life
Even if fate takes us different places
They're here in my heart
How could I ever forget them?

Every year
Our life changes

1 comment:

Seasons said...

Beautiful poem!
After a long while I am reading something like this. Something similar to what I used to write years back, but I don't anymore. You should copyright your work, I don't put up mine because I dont want anyone copying it.

Do you post your poems often?
I would like to put up a headline animator of your blog on mine.

Thanks and once again very nice poetry!


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