Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not to be Taken for Granted

He played football
His freshmen year
From the pain and the struggle
He received a knee injury
Never went to the hospital
To get it checked
But two years later
At the end of junior year
During finals
That pain in his knee
Came back to haunt him
It pestered him
Everywhere he went
And after finally going
To the doctor
And getting it checked
It was a tumor
He had cancer

They inject poison
Into his body
To kill the disease
But its killing him
Vomitting repeatedly
Not eating for days
Finding comfort
Only in sleep
He's apart from the rest of us
As a senior
He goes through
What most hope not to
All from his ignorance
Thinking he can take it

Mercy grant him strength
In his struggles

Life takes many turns
Many choices are laid out
In front of us
But it takes only one thing
To change our lives
For the worst
For the better
Health is a blessing
Not a given
Life is precious
Cherish it

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