Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ever Told You

Did I ever tell you?
I live in a shadow
I bleed for mine
Did I ever tell you?
I find my voice in ink
I find my thoughts in paper
Did I ever tell you?
I have to scream to be heard
I have to hope to dream
Did I ever tell you?
I've slept awake
I've woken up falling
Did I ever tell you?


noelia ~ said...

loved loved LOVED this part:

"I find my voice in ink
I find my thoughts in paper"

heatherrreloise said...


that was what i was going to say.

that line is me.
you write so many poems
i read and go "wow, me."

Echo said...

OOOhhh! Nice poem! I HAVE to analyze it because it is just so gah! I like the repetition of "Did I ever tell you?" because obviously you couldn't or the other person was never listening. You have a great style of using metaphors. I never knew what a bleeding shadow meant or how a person can wake up falling. But I understand your poem now after going through what I've been through. The shadow bleeds because it is stuck in darkness and if light ever touches it, the shadow ceases to exist taking away what is normal to it. But the shadow never wishes to be normal again so it just bleeds in the darkness. Having to deal with this situation, the narrator (who is you) says how he or she has to deal with not being able to communicate his or her deepest ideas out in the external world but easily does so while writing. The scream to be heard and the hope to dream probably talks about how invisible the narrator feels in this empty world. To sleep awake and to wake up falling I think is the best line in the poem and I can personally identify with it. It is like a person lives their life everyday just to let the days pass by without actually enjoying what life has to offer and if they ever decide to wake up they realize how sucky life really is and that they are just falling into this abyss not knowing how to fly out.


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming