Thursday, September 4, 2008

Navy Reserve

A Navy reserve
Is called to active duty
He's leaving soon

That's what he told us
9That's what he told me)
But it was all I could do
To keep myself from screaming

Why do you fight their wars?
Why do you give your life?
(They're the cause)
(They're the fault)
Why fight the war [unjustified?]

Is it patriotism that drives you?
(Is it honor?)
Is it a [blind] conception of [pride?]


Is he just another one
(To them?)
A number
(Not a name)
A soldier
(Not a being)
[A soldier]

[Stay away]
No grave for him
No graves today


Jane Opal said...

"A man has no greater love than to give his life for a friend."

I think Jesus said that. Hmm...

Whether you agree with this person's decision to join up or not, they're doing they're job to keep this country - and, on a personal level, you - safe. They're fighting to preserve our freedoms, such as they are and such as they're being abused.

Not mad at you for waht you're saying. I agree that sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense. "Why would this person put themselves in the line of fire when our troops really aren't even accomplishing anything besides dying?"

That's according to what you hear on the news, but our troops ARE making progress. A lot of it, I think, is propaganda, because people are dissatisfied with Bush. I say, leave the poor guy alone. He's doing what he thinks is best, and he'll be out of office in a few months anyways. Congress also has a lot to do with what goes on in this country.

lol...Sorry, didn't mean to get carried away. I'm done preaching. ;]

EngleInDerHoll said...

I think it is sad when someon goes to a war..... I mean i know you are so worried about him, and dont want him to go and all. but what can you really do?! he had already make up his mind about going as i get!!
I have only one Q, if you dong mind.. Where is he going?? I mean to which country??


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(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming