Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh 8

What does a teenage pregnancy
Have to do with his election?
It's already settled
And really
Where hasn't that
Happened before?

And I thought we dreamed
Of a better world
Where a man wasn't judged
Based on his skin
But on his character
His character

And let's not forget
The words we said
Women are equal
Equal to men

What's wrong with this picture?
Someone please explain

What's so wrong with
Trying to earn a living?
A better life
To help the family
I've heard what they say
The jobs you'll never do
The jobs you'll never do

And what happened to
Ever heard of ethanol?
Harness the power
Of the wind
Solar eclipse

What's wrong with this picture
I see?

Someone please
It to me
There's something wrong
What's wrong here?

Are we still fighting that war?
Are they still not home yet?


Jane Opal said...

I know! I hate it when politicians attack someone anyway they can. It's so shallow. Personally, I love how Palin is handling her family. What with her youngest having - what was it, downs syndrome, right? And her oldest going to Iraq this month. And her and her daughter BOTH decided not to have abortions and to keep their children. Palin could have ended her childs life when she found out that he'd be disabled, but she didn't.

(Also know, though, that I'm not an authority on politics. I get sick of hearing stuff on the news like a lot of other people, and I only get some of the news now and then. This is all just according to what I've heard.)

EngleInDerHoll said...

I hate that too, they are turning elections into a sick , twisted game of who can hurt and attack the other more!!!
That is stupidity if you ask me! They are only attacking each othet to make the other look worse, and they are forgetting that the elections are to make people know what are their plans and what do they have to offer....

WooW it's been so long since i logged here, cuz the site is banned now in here... :@
i have no idea when or why!!!


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