Sunday, September 7, 2008

Different Me

I feel like I'm being pushed
Farther and farther away
We fight a lot more
Than we used to
I doubt she even cares
About what I think anymore
I think I hate her
But she's my mother
I owe her my life
But I've been thinking
Way too much time
On my hands
Would I really be happier
Somewhere else,
Born to someone else?
Would I be happier
If I was a different me?

1 comment:

EngleInDerHoll said...

Do you really think you hate your mother??!! Honestly i dont think you do, or even close to do..
It's just hard to always deal with our parents cuz they always think and treat us as children no matter how old we are, but they are only doing this cuz they love us.
No matter how many times you fought with your mother or what you say, she will always be there for you when you need someone and she is (among few others) the only one who will be by your side no matter what and will always support you even if she wasnt content with your decision....

And im sure those fights wont keep going for long time so just try to be calm and talk to her about what you think and what you believe and im sure you will be like you used to be before. =)
And one more thing, it always seems that parents doent really care for what we think, maybe they dont always but it is only cuz they think we cant take care of ourself and cuz they want the best for us...

I guess i talked alot and i seem more like someone giving a lecture or something..=P... im not, but it is just what i think and believe eventhough i got mad or upset cuz of the same thing (them not caring about what we think) but after all i know they do and they want nothing but the best for me.. =)


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