Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Hurts

I know now you never felt that way
About me
But do you know what it's like?
Loving with no return
Foolish feelings don't seem to fade
What was I to you?
Just a friend?
It hurts
Right now,
I can't let go
There's a thing we humans have
It's called hope
It's what pulls us through
The brink of despair
It's why we live
We hope for a better tomorrow
And that's keeping you here
In my heart
It's been broken
Torn up
Shred to pieces even
But hope pulls it back together
And you're still here
Nothing makes sense right now
And I'd make a fool of myself
For you
This feeling
Won't fade


margeauxmargeaux said...

Hey, I like this. it's simple, but really conveys the emotional tone of the poem. niceeeeeee

Jane Opal said...

Hm. Been there - recently - but God is helping me get through it. Things aren't as bad as they've seemed.

Anonymous said...

i can empathize, really.

and so, let's laugh at it!



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