Monday, March 16, 2009

I'll Save Myself

[I don't
Want to be saved]
If it means
Giving up
On me
[I'll find a way through this]
[Find a way
Find my way]
My own

(I don't
Want this)
Your shining hand
Offered to my stoic face
[I'll shove it away
Turn you away]

Call me stubborn
Call me [crazy]
Call me anything you want
[To hear]

I'm determined
Determined to find a way
(I can call my own)
Find a way
[I tried]

That's yours
[Not mine]

Salvation never
Sounded so empty
(I don't want your)

[Fragile words]
They cut
So deep
Blood flow forth
(Drain me)

How can I believe
What you force
[On me?]

Can't take (this)

Can't take (this)
No more
[No more]

My path
From dancing (angelic)
White feathers
My path
From the shadows
(That fall from the sky)
My path
Walks alone
Tries to learn
(Tries to know)

Still searching
For the reasons

I want to know



How can I believe?

I want to know



What you force on me?

I'll save myself

[I'll find it
Find it on my own]

I'll save myself


I'll save my

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