Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chasing Clocks

Are we chasing our pasts
Hoping to find a future?
Putting off the present
For time spent and
Yet to be had?
Are we living in the wrong moment
Drifting in the wrong era?
Are we chasing the hands of the clock
Hoping someday they will stop
And turn to our will?
Are we trying to control the uncontrollable
One of the few forces
That can't be had?
Are we living on clocks,
Breathing on gears,
And bleeding ticks and tocks?
Are we that broken
That we keep chasing
Our time around the clock
Hoping that this will stop?


livelaughlauren said...

This is probably my favorite!!
of course everything you write is amazing and im majorly jealous!

and about the video most likely ill put it on youtube..but i highly doubt ill become youtube famous in a good way..probably famous for making a horrible video!

stay tuned..i will most likely put it up since everyone wants me to lol.

.nerd. said...

This is inspiring! I love love love the clock metaphor. The first two lines had me hooked. I'll be back to read some more. You are very talented!

Jane Opal said...

Love it!

Do you hang out at coffee shops and read poetry to the sound of a bass? haha. Just kidding. I'm not the kind of person that sterio-types others. I was just kinda wondering.

Innocents Deed said...

I like this one. The rhythm quite as metered as I would expect with a clock metaphor. Not sure if I do or don't liek that twist. Very nice piece.


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