Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Medicate Me

Give me the cure for loneliness
A prescription for panging regrets
Something for haunting memories
Medicate me
Something to pass the time
Something permanent
My life is silent
No voices for miles
I thought I heard an echo
But it's all in my mind
Give me a voice
Medicate me
Something for a heavy heart
It's dragging me down
Give me feathered wings to fly
A prescription for fear
Something to keep the grave away
Something for the pain
Medicate me
Something to fill the void

In a sea of shelves
I'll lose myself
Give me the cure to loneliness
Medicate me


Jane Opal said...

Ok...Sometimes it's hard for me to determine when someone is a deep, realistic individual or when they're a seriously depressed person in need of help. But here's a question for you: have you ever heard the message of salvation or considered becoming a Christian?

- Jane

_-*Kristen*-_ said...

hmm... dont you just wish there WAS a medication for that? something to mend the broken heart that would be permant.

Jane Opal said...

Is there a specific reason why you don't think that a loving God exists?

And, just curious, what kind of school do you go to that taught about Christianity? There may be a difference between what they taught and what is true. A lot of times Christianity is used to describe Catholicism, even though they aren't really the same thing.

Bottom line, I guess: These depressing feelings will go on indefinitely. You can try to find a quick fix, but it will never be more than that. You can't have real joy unless you have Jesus in your life.


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming