Monday, July 21, 2008

Depressing Judgement

Why don't I just die now?
Maybe you'll be happy
I know I'm not perfect
But you insist the impossible
These things can't be helped
You don't know how much it hurts
When I try so hard
Only to fail in your eyes
You don't believe me
You won't believe me
Believe me
If I died now
I'd think you'd be smiling
Why don't I just cut myself
So you can laugh a little
Why don't I just bury myself
I'll go grab a shovel
I hate perfection
I think it's a serial killer
We die trying
Chasing something that doesn't exist
Chasing a dream
Chasing nothing
Maybe when I'm gone
You'll smile
Is that what it takes?
Why don't I just die?

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word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming