Sunday, August 31, 2008

Danger! (Exaggeration)

Don't stray
Stay inside
There's too much shit in the air to breathe
Stay inside
Away from the UV rays
They cripple your skin
Don't drink the water
Poison to your veins
Don't eat the food
Early coffin
Don't think for yourself
I know best
Listen to me
I don't know you
Listen to me
I know best
Don't choose for yourself
Who knows what could happen
If you had freedom?
Who knows what could happen
If you lived a life
Live this lie
It's better
I know
It's the best
I don't know you
Listen to me


Jane Opal said...

Don't let your poems be ordinary. Try expanding your vocabulary.

Monique said...

This is great, and very true.

We're bombarded by influences telling us we aren't capable of thinking for ourselves.

The "powers that be" claim to give us freedom but dictate our thoughts. Hmmm.

Can I post this on Escape Hatch sometime this next week?

Anonymous said...

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