Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Funeral Unknown and the Vain Attempt of a Child

As a young boy
Maybe five or so
I was taken to a funeral
Of someone I wish I'd known

My mother
Was in so much pain
From staring at the grave
Of her father
Her tears
Flooded the grass
My very feet
I couldn't take it anymore
Didn't want to see her cry

So I used my hands
And covered her eyes
Covered her eyes
Thinking that
If she couldn't see
What caused her
So much suffering
Then she'd be alright
Maybe she wouldn't cry

Childish I know
But if you were me
You would've done the same thing
For the one that raised you
Cared for you
And caught you when
You fell
Gave you a kiss
Without fail

Year by year
On the day of his death
She lights a single candle
And pays her respects
I watch this
And regret
Having missed
The chance
To meet my grandfather


Iwalktheline said...

Simply Love this, would you mind if I made a copy to keep on the wall?

DragonRaid said...

go ahead and make a copy. i don't mind.


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