Sunday, August 26, 2007

Struggle to Let Go

Sadness envelops my heart
(I don't want to but I have to)
Despair tears at my soul
(Can I truly move on?)
Regrets haunt my mind
(I wanted to do so many things)
Blood stains my hands
(Dreams have died)
Guilt strangles my lungs
(I should have done something)

Her face pleads "No"
Her eyes drown in tears
Her hands reach for me
Reach for the light
But I fade into the darkness
I can't stay

It's killing me
That I can't have what I want
Bliss remains as out of reach as the sky
So why should I try?

Why doesn't it work?
My desires don't go hand in hand
But I can't live without one or the other
Not happily...

But it has to be done
I have to let go
To move on with my life
No one is sure where life will take them
But I hope I've chosen the right path

For her sake as well as mine...

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