Thursday, August 30, 2007

Regretful Wish

She's so young
So innocent
To the cruelness of fate
Unforgiving time
I hope
For her sake
She stays pure
So innocent...

But it's been
How many years?
She's growing up
Becoming a young adult
A teenager
Full of questions
What should I tell her?
The truth of the world?
That life isn't fair?
You can't get what you want?

She's a grown woman now
She can take care of herself
She's learned the truth
On her own
However grim
Or disheartening it was

I regret
Letting her go
On her own
But it had to be done
I can't keep her forever

Sometimes I wish
That I could have stopped
The hands of time
And kept her young
So innocent...
And prevent the pain
From learning the truth
That comes with age

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