Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last Words of a Fallen

I wanted to tell you
So many things
Before I'm gone
But it's too late
So I guess this is

But before I give in,
Surrender to death...

I want to leave some advice
For you, my son
No matter what the odds
No matter what others says

Just stay strong
Just hold on
It's never done
If you give up

And as these wounds
Take their toll on my body
And as my blood
Spills to the floor
As my lungs fail me
With my surrendering body
And the grave comes into view
Know this...
I am always with you
As long as you have a heart


1 comment:

Devilbluedress said...

Your profile says little. Your poems say much. I wonder who u are...


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming