Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Coming

I can't wait
To come home
I can't wait
To hold you

This Christmas coming
Jingling bells
And decking the halls
Led by reindeer
I'm coming home

You're so cold
When I hold you
Your smile's faded
And your laughter's silent
What's going on?
What's wrong?

This Christmas coming
Rocking around the Christmas tree
I'll be wondering
What has you
Frozen over

You're so cold
Left me alone
To pick up the pieces
Of this heart you broke
You know
It's really hard
To drive home
With blurry vision

This Christmas coming
I'll be wondering
If angels are really held on high
Or do they fall
Just like us?

I'm here to say goodbye
Your pictures buried
Your written words burned
All that's left of you is memory
But it takes time
I won't say I'm sorry

This Christmas coming
In silent night
I sit alone
Trying to warm myself
In front of the fireplace
Trying to melt away the ice

(Author's note: Her name wasn't Erika)


noelia ~ said...

that last addition was kind of funny lol

any who, i wouldn't know how it's like to have a special someone during the holidays, so i guess that warmth.. i've never felt it, so i've never missed it.

jeff said...

This is sad poem. I can relate to this. Is the last line part of the poem or is it just like an afternote for the readers? haha

PV said...

This poem reminds me of a princess I left sitting in her castle of ice. I hope it has melted for her. Maybe it has. Perhaps I was the frost.

(her name wasn't Erika)


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