Saturday, December 29, 2007

[Warning: Strong Language in the Following Reality Check] Unrelenting (Meant to Offend You)

You fucking whore!
Can think of nothing
But sex?
Ever wonder why you get hurt?
You prance around
Like you were just born yesterday
Slutacious bitch
Why don't you try dressing like a lady
With some modesty
Some respect
Maybe we could fix your problems then

Who the fuck do you think you are,
King of the universe?
Who the hell died
And made you king?
What power do you have
Over me?
Real mature
Using force
But for you
Gravity and physics
Can be a bitch
What goes up
Must come down
The bigger they are
The harder they fall
I don't see anyone
Catching you

Suck it up
Drama queen
Not everything is a tragedy
You don't even know
The meaning of the word
Go ahead
Pretty yourself up with makeup
Go buy some plastic
I'll watch you melt under the sun
Watch your false tears
While you assume
The fetal position
On the sidewalk
Under someone's magnifying glass

Fucking coward
Own up to your actions
Don't fucking run away
That baby is yours
Be a man
Own up to it
Take responsibilty
But NO
You just have to run away
Like the coward you are
Mistakes and regrets
Are yours alone
You'd better do something
Too late
The sirens are coming

Wow, don't be a bitch
I can fucking see you have my supplies
Yet you're telling me you don't have them
They're right fucking there!
A blind man could see that
But you just have to be
A snotty nosed bitch
Filing your nails
In front of me
Chewing your gum
Acting like you have no care in the world
You probably don't
But actions come back to haunt you
It's called karma
What goes around comes around
When you struggle
And ask for help
You'll be needed
And have nothing else to say
Except "Fuck"

That was the shittiest excuse
I have ever heard
Fucking liar
Think you can throw the blame
On someone else
Before they see you?
Problem with that is
You have to be quicker than them
One day you'll meet your match
And then your victims will catch up
And then you're screwed

Aren't we all hypocrites
We say millions of words
Yet never do anything
Said but never did
Received but never gave
Damn, we're fucked up


heatherrr__eloise said...

that was powerful.
i don't even know what to say.

taxitalk said...

I know her, she is all around, and getting more powerful, accepted and wanted by that guy with the huge wade of cash in his pants, she is accepted and welcome in our society, thats why the future is looking good, but thats it, until it gets old then we're done for, at least she burns with him you know where. who's he. ask the guy downstairs he has their number.

Frederick said...

Definitely offensive in language, but I liked it.

Poetikat said...

I applaud your freedom of speech, yet at the same time am extremely grateful for the warning. Well done!
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