Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A cold-blooded killer
Not with a blade
Not with a gun
Not with any weapon
But with a kiss she kills
Dressed in scarlet-red
With matching heels
She flirts and ensnares
The shallow
With betrayal she breaks
The heart of any man
Who falls for her trap
They fall
And keep falling
Until they find the strength
To rise up and stand again

He uses no force
He poses no threat
But that's part of the problem
He does nothing
Still and silent
To the rest of the world
To even her
A frozen heart
So many tried to reach it
Tried to hold it
Warm it
But they were buried
Beneath the snow
In his blizzard
Frozen solid

1 comment:

jeff said...

I like the first part especially from, "But with a kiss...with matching heels." There's a good flow and rhyme there.

I'm not sure how I feel about the second part


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming