Sunday, November 25, 2007

A New Scar

Where did this come from?
I ask myself
When did I suffer a wound
So deep it would leave a mark?
Have I endured so much pain
So much suffering
That I don't even notice
The wounds anymore?
As if I don't have
Enough scars already
Has my heart been
So much
That I don't bother
Even to pick up the pieces?
Has my mind been boggled
By so many questions
With no clear answer
That I stop asking?
I wonder...


Moonlady said...

Hi,when I read this one, I felt you were writing my deep mind.

Kathleen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on "Net Worth". I appreciate your comments.

I find your poetry very compelling. I write for fun, mainly, but envy those who can really dig deep and explore their inner soul.

(making you a "blogfellow"; please do me the same honour)


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[word] = stern voice/screaming