Monday, November 19, 2007

Be Heard

Let your voice be heard
Say what you want to say
Don't stay silent
Just let it all out
Hold nothing back
Hold nothing back
They can take it or leave it
But they'll have to hear it

Even if they try to ignore,
They start to avoid you
Never stay quiet
Never stay quiet
Someone will listen
They just haven't found you yet

Be it speaking,
or writing,
or typing
Say what you want
Never give up
Never give up
On yourself

Let it all out
Let yourself be heard
Say what you want to say

Hold nothing back
Never stay quiet
Never give up

Someone will listen...
Someone will listen...


kay_ski said...

hi! you're absolutely right when you say it's wonderful to have such great friends. unfortunately 4 out of the 5 that I mentioned live out of state! lol but I still take every opportunity I can to see them as often as possible.

Your poetry is absolutely magnificent. This is my favorite, from the ones I've read so far. I hope that you see my comment, even though I didn't post on your most recent blog.

In this poem, you would think that more people would be outspoken; about speaking out, about how they feel, about anything. But they don't. You'd think it'd be such an obvious point, that more people would listen. But I think it's also a part of what you said in your latest writing, that the world has changed so much, into something so dark, that people are even afraid to speak out. You can't trust anyone these days.

Bloody shame...


Devilbluedress said...

It's hard. For he will always listen. Sometimes- I need to say things quietly...

Vyolet said...

I never used to speak outloud. Now I whisper my words. At least whispering is audible.
I can't wait for the day when my whisper will be heard, when 'they' take the time to see I am here, take the time to hear my words, my voice.


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming