Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High Expectations Fall to the Floor; It's Called Gravity

I'm sick and tired of this
Why set your expectations do damn high?
I'll never reach them
I'll never be good enough for you
Did anyone ever tell you
That perfection doesn't exist?
Yet you want ONLY perfection
So why don't I
Just lay here and die?
I bet you wouldn't care
Not that you ever did
I just don't give a shit anymore
You can scream at the top of your lungs
You could scream until my ears bleed
But I don't care anymore
You're hopeless
I'm hopeless
You swear you'll rip out my throat
Well here it is
Take it out
I dare you
I never wanted this
I'm NOT you
Don't live your dreams through me
I guarantee they'll die
They're not mine
Why don't you try living out your own dreams?
Don't give me excuses
You never gave me any
I'm not a fucking animal
You have no right to work me to death
I have needs
I need to breathe
You say I'm ungrateful
For all the things you've given me
And what exactly is that?
Nothing but a hard time
I don't need this shit
The world is already fucked up enough as it is
The last thing I need
Is someone else to call me a failure
To say my youth is wasted
To say my talents are being wasted
To say I HAD potential
Maybe you're just expecting too much
I'm only human
Of course I'm going to fall short
But I don't need you to scream it in my face
Maybe you've been wishing
For that one person
To do everything
Well keep on wishing
Because that person is not me


Frederick said...

Okay. This was poetry hooked up to a V8 engine and floored to the floor. A bit rough, but definitely an attention getter.

The Unskilled Poet said...

Wow! Impressive flow and passion, that manages to sustain energy from start to finish.

Nothingman said...

i think a FUCK YOU just about sums it all up :)

you listen to slipknot by any chance? Iowa album? cuz its good, check that out if u have time and interest..



heatherrreloise said...

"I'm not a fucking animal
You have no right to work me to death."



word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming