Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grudge to Glare

Forgive and forget
They say
Forgive and forget
Tell that to these wounds
Can you put my blood back in me?
Can you piece together a broken heart
And make it what it once was
Like nothing happened
Almost perfect?
Nightmares burned into memories
I can't erase them
I try
And try
And try
But I can't escape my past
I can't escape myself
Demons scream in my ears
Thoughts run wild in my head
It's harder than it looks
To restrain the strongest of urges
It's hard to think clear
When all you see is flames
I could almost cry
But the tears evaporate
I swear
You look better dead
Maybe then I could stand
The sight of you
But since there are witnesses
My eyes glare
Back off
Or die
They cower
Buckle at the knees
They run away
And you follow them
You better run
I don't know what I would do
What I could do
If you dared to stay
And to think
I'm holding back my heart
There's still more
Where that came from...


Mystery Woman said...

Really like your's deep....not for the common reader.

heatherrreloise said...

Ah, I am trying to learn how to deal with my demons and stop running from them.

Great poem.

Iwalktheline said...

If only when I felt this way...was just an ounce as poetic as you are....very nice, you really caught the essence of the grudge, the twinge of bitterness and resentment are fluid...sorry I haven't been around for a while...I will have to read a lot to catch up...keep it if you need to hear it...the gift of poetry and writting is more of a disease it eats at you until you just do it...

Kathleen Mortensen said...

Oh, I love the last line!
I can feel the torture and the pain, but there's hope. You know it yourself, don't you?

The Unskilled Poet said...

A lot of your poetry also reads like song lyrics. Are you a musician, or have you ever tried putting your words to music?


word = speaking/singing
(word) = whispering/echo
[word] = stern voice/screaming