Monday, January 7, 2008

Tragedy of the Arsonist

Sadistic smile
Matchbox in hand
Light memories on fire
Ashes again

Burn it away
Burn it away

Burn it away
Burn it away

Sheltered in
A black-hooded sweatshirt
Comfort in
The blaze
His mind fueled
By embers of Hatred

Burn it away
Burn it away

Burn it away
Burn it away

Ironic that he would die
By his own hand
The blaze grew so fast
He took joy in the fire
He burned away
Revelled in flames

Burned away
Consumed by flames
By the blaze
His heart
To ashes

The sky
His sorrow
Sirens flash
Red trucks
Men in yellow suits
And more water

She stands alone
No one will move her
She's not listening
Mirrors for eyes
The blaze
His heart

Say goodbye
Her love in life
Twisted by
Haunting memories

Burned away
To ashes
The blaze dies


noelia ~ said...

i love how you change from "him" to "her"

fave line: "Light memories on fire"

jeff said...

I never thought about writing a poem about an arsonist. Good topic. I like it.

Elise said...

Its so deep! I had to read it a few times over, I thought it was amazing xx

Nothingman said...

sweet poem...why do arsonists have to have sweethearts?

can we link each other's blogs?

I'm sure we can, we like dragons ;) Drop me a line at my poetry blog



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